CVR: Around 4600 testimonies collected in Ruyigi and Muramvya Provinces

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission-CVR conducted a campaign in Muramvya and Ruyigi Provinces from 16 October to 7 November in Muramvya to collect evidence about what happened in Burundi since 1972 and identify the mass graves that should exist in those provinces. Around 2305 testimonies have been collected in Muramvya Province while 2323 in Ruyigi Province.

Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana:  “We are at 50% of CVR  achievements and expect to accomplish CVR goals”

Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana: “We are at 50% of CVR achievements and expect to accomplish CVR goals”

Bishop Jean Louis Nahimana, CVR chairman says four probable mass graves out of 697 reported by the population, have been discovered and bones are still observed in some sites in Rutegama Commune and Bugarama zone of Muramvya Commune. “The bones are still in some sites of Mushikamo and Bugarama zones respectively in Rutegama and Muramvya communes”, he says.

For Bishop Nahimana, testimonies reported that 17, 434 people would be killed or disappeared and 1,881 would be presumed perpetrators in Muramvya Province. Bishop Nahimana also says CVR members have also heard testimonies from 42 people about what happened in Burundi in 1965, 1972, 1993 and even before the assassination of President Melchior Ndadaye.

CVR has already collected testimonies from four areas namely Bujumbura that has 472 cases, Ngozi with about 5,000 cases while Karuzi and Mwaro, 3,168 cases and 1624 respectively.

Two years before the end of CVR term, CVR chairman says the commission is at 50% of its achievements and expects that the CVR will achieve its goals. “We plan to collect testimonies in Bururi, Rumonge and Makamba Provinces by December 2017. After the collection of testimonies throughout the country, experts will be recruited to analyze the results “, he says.

The National Commission for Truth and Reconciliation-CVR was created in December 2014 with a four -year term. It has the main objective of establishing the truth about what happened in Burundi including identifying the mass graves and reconciling Burundians.