Anti-Corruption Court pronounces sentence about case of misappropriation at REGIDESO

Ten years in jail and a BIF 50,000 fine and 5 years in jail and a BIF 25,000 fine are sentences that the Anti-Corruption Court has given to Arcade Misago and Onesphore Nkunzimana respectively this June 22.

rEGIDESOArcade Misago, in charge of the Southern Region at the company in charge of supplying water and electricity -REGIDESO is accused of misappropriating the materials of the company which cost more than 11million.

Onesphore Nkunzimana, a business man selling water and electricity materials and owner of the house in which the materials of the company were found is accused of complicity with Mr. Misago.

Eloge Ndayishemeze, Arcade’s Attorney, says they were surprised by the verdict. “The last time my client appeared in court, the public prosecutor said he had not enough evidence. There hadn’t yet been inquiries,” he says adding that he is not satisfied with the verdict and will have to file an appeal.
This trial was put into deliberation on June 15 after a session at the Anti-Corruption Court.

The REGIDESO materials were seized on June 8 in Kigobe locality to the north of Bujumbura.