Theater faced with several challenges in Burundi

08-29-2019 In an interview with Iwacu this August 28th, Arthur Banshayeko, a Burundian comedian and theater director says theater is faced with a few problems in Burundi. “We lack materials. We should have costume, sound, set and lighting designers, what is not the case in Burundi. We are still behind (...)

Burundian women poorly represented in entrepreneurship, says Women in Action

08-01-2019 In the context of the celebration of the African Woman’s Day on July 31st, African Women in Action, a local NGO says Burundian women face several challenges that hinder their development. “Although women are endowed with an entrepreneurial spirit, some of them are not supported by their society and (...)

Over 400 goats died of strange disease within month in Ngozi

05-29-2019 Breeders from Tangara commune in the northern province of Ngozi are worried about a contagious disease that attack small domestic ruminant and has been spreading in the province for a month. They say the goats that contracted the disease experience severe diarrhea and die within a week. “I had (...)

Floods threaten Buterere inhabitants

04-11-2019 Some inhabitants of Buterere neighborhood especially in Kinyankonge area say they are threatened by floods. They say they live in fear every time it rains because Kinyankonge river flows into their households and fields. Zainabu Baricako, a mother of four children, says whenever she goes to do her business, (...)

Ruyigi: Disillusionment among returnees in Gisuru commune

03-27-2019 Faced with by poverty and famine, returnees living in Gisuru commune say that the promises of assistance upon their return were not honored. They ask the government to help them. Dozens of houses built with adobe bricks and covered with straws are visible in a village located in Gacokwe (...)

Cankuzo:Tanzania, El Dorado

02-26-2019 Migrating to Tanzania in search of a job is the dream of many unemployed youths from Cendajuru commune in Cankuzo province. The authorities want to create jobs to keep them. Samuel Nzeyimana, 24, from Kiruhura area in Cendajuru commune, says he went to Tanzania looking for a job. He (...)

GBV, clandestine killer

10-17-2018 Minors are raped, women beaten and expelled or deprived of their rights. These are some of cases of gender-based violence reported in Gitega, in the center of the country. These GBV affect the lives of many people as the victims testify. N.A is a 13 year-old girl. Together with (...)

Burundi: Lumitel employees denounce unfair working conditions

08-08-2018 About 400 staff members of Vietel Burundi Cell Company known as “Lumitel” throughout the country have organized a demonstration peaceful march in the morning of 7 August to stand against harsh and unfair working conditions. All of them were wearing black shirts and T-shirts. “We would like to show (...)

Burundi: CSOs concerned over new economic development program

07-04-2018 Gabriel Rufyiri, chairman of OLUCOME, the corruption watchdog says he doesn’t believe in the success of the economic development program announced by Burundi President. “It’s a program for the government not for the population”, he says. President Pierre Nkurunziza has announced in his address to the nation on the (...)

Anti-Corruption Court pronounces sentence about case of misappropriation at REGIDESO

06-22-2018 Ten years in jail and a BIF 50,000 fine and 5 years in jail and a BIF 25,000 fine are sentences that the Anti-Corruption Court has given to Arcade Misago and Onesphore Nkunzimana respectively this June 22. Arcade Misago, in charge of the Southern Region at the company in (...)