Rise in food price seriously affects families in Gitega

12-21-2019 Food price has drastically increased these days in Gitega central market and shops. Consumers deplore speculation. When one arrives at the central market of Gitega province chief town in central Burundi, stands and stalls are full of products. Standing in front of the business owner, Claudine came to get (...)

Increase in price of staple food in Bujumbura city

11-15-2019 Prices of beans, rice, meat… have significantly increased in the last three months in Bujumbura city. The price of a kg of beans known as “yellow beans” has moved from BIF 1800 to BIF 2100 in the last three months. “We get food supplies at a high price and (...)

Burundians with mental health problems claim access to medicines

10-11-2019 On the occasion of the celebration of the World Mental health Day this October 10th, Burundian patients with mental problems say they don’t get medicines. “The treatment of patients with mental problems is very expensive whereas many of us are from impoverished families,” says one of the patients met (...)

ABUCO against decision by Muyinga province governor

07-12-2019 The Burundian Association of Consumers-ABUCO says the decision by the Governor of Muyinga province to suspend the transportation of beans to other provinces violates the free movement of people and things. “The decision is opposed to the free movement of people and goods as one of the advantages offered (...)

Burundian Ministry of Agriculture satisfied with harvest for previous agricultural season

06-19-2019 In a press briefing held on June 18th, the Ministry of Agriculture says the production increased over the last agricultural season. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock says the agricultural production has increased over the last three months. He explains that the availability of fertilizers, rational exploitation (...)

FFB calls on Burundians to support national team for AFCON 2019

04-26-2019 The chairperson of Burundi Football Federation-FFB has officially launched a campaign to support Intamba mu rugamba national team who will participate in the Africa Cup of Nations to take place in Egypt in June 2019. Révérien Ndikuriyo says Intamba mu rugamba are not only going to represent the country (...)

Cibitoke residents worried about soaring of food prices

04-11-2019 Food prices have significantly risen in recent days in Rugombo commune of Cibitoke province in north-west of Burundi. The population urges the authorities to stabilize prices. One kg of beans which was bought at BIF 1400 currently costs BIF 2000. A kg of rice that cost BIF 1300 costs (...)

Kirundo: Over 22 thousand families receive WFP food assistance

03-07-2019 The World Food Program has brought food assistance made of 1000 tons to 130 thousand people from Busoni and Bugabira communes in Kirundo province this Tuesday 5 March. Twenty households received 10 fifty–kilo-bags of maize and 3 of beans as well as salt and oil. Beneficiaries from both communes (...)

Cibitoke: Rugogo bridge to collapse

01-05-2019 Rugogo bridge linking Mabayi to Bukinanyana commune in Cibitoke province is about to collapse at any moment. Administration officials reassure the local residents from both localities. Located at 118 km from the capital Bujumbura, Rugogo bridge connecting Mabayi commune to that of Bukinanyana can completely collapse at any moment. (...)

Over ten houses destroyed following heavy rains in Ruziba

12-12-2018 Rain clouds looming on the horizon causes panic among the inhabitants of Kirungwe. The rains that have fallen since Sunday, December 9, in locality of Ruziba I neighborhood, Kanyosha zone south of the capital Bujumbura, traumatize them. Thirteen homes were completely destroyed, several others flooded are about to collapse. (...)