Sugar price climbs, consumers association demands government to tell reasons

01-29-2020 The price of sugar has increased for more than three weeks in Bujumbura city. Consumers and sellers wonder about the causes. The Burundian Consumers’ Association calls on the government to communicate the causes of the rise in sugar price and fix the price to avoid speculation. The price of (...)

Illegal salt still sold at markets in Bujumbura city

09-18-2019 Despite having been banned by the Ministry of Trade, some kinds of salt namely “Chumvi Mawe” and “Chumvi safi” are still sold by some traders at Bujumbura City Market and Cotebu market located in the north of Bujumbura. At Cotebu market, some traders say they no longer get Chumvi (...)

Number of internet users in Burundi is low, says ARCT

08-28-2019 In a workshop held on August 27th, The Burundi Agency of Telecommunication Regulation-ARCT has said very few Burundians use internet. “The penetration rate of internet usage in Burundi is currently inferior to 10%,” says Hermalas Nahimana, ARCT Acting Director. For him, there are several challenges regarding the evolution of (...)

ABUCO against decision by Muyinga province governor

07-12-2019 The Burundian Association of Consumers-ABUCO says the decision by the Governor of Muyinga province to suspend the transportation of beans to other provinces violates the free movement of people and things. “The decision is opposed to the free movement of people and goods as one of the advantages offered (...)

Trade Ministry suspends Brarudi decision to increase price of beverages

01-30-2019 Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism says the decision taken by the brewery company-Brarudi is temporarily suspended until there is consultation between competent authorities. “Burundi government is a shareholder in Brarudi and it hasn’t been consulted before the company took such a decision,” told the Minister (...)

Burundi Association of Consumers denounces ” speculation ” on price of plastic bags

08-22-2018 Two weeks after Burundi president signed a decree banning the import, marketing, manufacture and use of plastic bags, their price has considerably increased. Depending on the type of plastic bags, prices have more than doubled. “This rise is related to the shortage of bags at the points of sale (...)

Burundi government increases gasoline and diesel prices

08-09-2018 Prices per liter of gasoline and diesel at the gas pump respectively increase from BIF 2, 250 to 2,400 and from BIF 2,250 to 2,350 since August 8. Oil price remains unchanged. Côme Manirakiza, the Minister of Energy says the fuel price increases is relative to the increase in (...)

Increase in Primus beer price to affect other products, says ABUCO chairman

02-02-2018 The price of Primus beer (72 Cl) has moved from BIF 1400 to 1500 per bottle from 1 February. The prices of other beverages of Brarudi (Burundi Brewery Company) remain unchanged. Daniel Henri, Financial Director at Brarudi says that despite the increase in the price of electricity observed since (...)

Tax exemption: Godsend for traders

06-26-2017 Maize seeds, maize flour, manioc, cassava flour, rice and beans have been exempted from customs duties since 15 May. Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) denounces that only importers benefit from this tax exemption. “Consumers have not yet benefited from the tax exemption of imported food”, says Noël Nkurunziza, ABUCO (...)

Import duties exoneration for foodstuffs may be profiting importers, not consumers

06-06-2017 Prices of imported food products that have been exempted from customs duties have hardly decreased. Consumers think importers are taking advantage of the tax-exemption. The Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO) is worried that the government measure to exonerate certain imported food products may be profiting importers who may have (...)