' Nicholas Musonye, CECAFA Secretary General

CECAFA Secretary General in Burundi for U-17 Championship preparation

01-05-2018 Since 3 January 2018, Nicholas Musonye, Secretary General of the Council for East and Central Africa Football Associations (CECAFA), is in Burundi to launch activities to prepare 2018 CECAFA U-17. Mossi Yussuf, President of the competitions’ commission at Burundi Football Federation (FFB), says CECAFA Secretary General is in Burundi (...)
' Burundi team dominated the South-Sudanese team throughout most part of the game.

Lack of “tactical discipline” has caused South-Sudan to lose match to Burundi

06-12-2017 South-Sudan football team coach has admitted his players’ mistake cost them the African Cup of Nations qualifier with Burundi that feared them. The national team of South-Sudan suffered a 3-0 embarrassing defeat in an African Cup of Nations (CAN) match with Burundi because it lacked tactical discipline, according to (...)
' Emérence Girukwishaka, left, in red jersey, displaying her talent on the ground

Burundi women’s football more flourishing despite challenges

01-23-2017 On the occasion of the Women Sport International, this 24 January, the Burundi Federation says it is glad about steps made. However, female football players face various challenges. “It is not easy to play football in Burundi as a mother”, says Emérence Girukwishaka, 25, and mother of one kid. (...)
' Prince Louis Rwagasore stadium ground full of water on 3 December

Three football matches postponed at Prince Louis Rwagasore national stadium

12-05-2016 “Magara Star” versus “Les Lierres”, “Inter-Star” versus “Buja City” and “Messager Buja” versus “Vital’o” were supposed to play on 3 and 4 December in Primus League Championship. “Magara Star” versus “Les Lierres” soccer teams which started to play on 3 December didn’t continue in the second half due to (...)
' Révérien Ndikuriyo, FFB president, giving prizes to winning football teams

Prize-giving to 2015 winning football teams

11-23-2016 Burundi Football Federation-FFB president Révérien Ndikuriyo gave prizes to the teams which won last year championships on Tuesday 22nd October. The event took place at FFB office. The prizes amounted to more than 40 million Burundian francs and were distributed to different winning teams. Révérien Ndikuriyo also gave eighty (...)
' foot


10-25-2016 Harambee Starlets went down 0-1 against the Indomitable Lionesses of Cameroon in an international friendly match played at MISC Kasarani Stadium in Kenya on Saturday 22nd October. This was the first loss for harambee starlets since 20th September in the Cecafa Women Championship finals which was held in Jinja, (...)
' Francine Niyonsaba: « My dream is to win 2020 Gold Medal”

Francine Niyonsaba: « My dream is to win 2020 Gold Medal”

09-20-2016 After winning silver medal in Athletics at the 2016 summer Olympics-Women’s 800 metres at Rio, Francine Niyonsaba expects to carry out several projects. On her holidays, Francine Niyonsaba expects to visit and sensitize youth from different localities. “I will firstly endeavor to train myself to improve my record and (...)
' CAN_2015

Uncertainty about the African Cup of Nations 2015: Ebola is disrupting football

11-06-2014 The African Coup of Nations (CAN) is expected to start in three months time, but nobody knows where. Some suggest postponing it, while others want to cancel the competition.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse Morocco was supposed to host CAN 2015 from 17 January to 8 February 2015. The country asked for (...)
' Patine

Roller skating in Burundi

09-23-2014 Roller skating can be a fun leisure activity, a competitive sport, or a mode of transportation. While it is practised by numerous young people, the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture doesn’t recognize it.-By Diane Uwimana It seems dangerous and unbelievable. How those young people learn the proper stance (...)
' Marathon

Bujumbura Marathon supported by Olympic Champions

09-09-2014 The first edition of Marathon has been held at Bujumbura this 31th August. It has been supported by two Olympic champions from Kenya. About 600 people have participated among which Congolese, Burundians as well as foreigners living in Burundi.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The first Edition of Bujumbura Marathon held (...)