Burundian women under-represented in sports

While the world celebrates women’s sports day every January 24, Burundian women are still under-represented in the sports sector.

Circoncilie Nahimana: “What matters more is women’s courage and self-esteem”.

Circoncilie Nahimana, representative of women’s sports in Burundi National Olympic Committee says there is a small number of women in sports. “In collective and individual sports, there are 3703 women players, which means that they are represented at16, 1 %. Among 626 coaches, there are only 72 women which means11, 50%”.

Mrs. Nahimana says women under-representation in sports is mainly caused by mentalities. “There are traditional beliefs that no woman could be involved in sports activities. For instance, there are women who think that a sportswoman cannot get a husband and others fear to be mocked”.

Mrs. Nahimana also mentions the lack of investment in this sector. “The government does not have enough financial resources to invest in women’s sports sector”.

She says women’s sports department has elaborated a strategic plan to sensitize women so that they get out of their comfort zone and challenge mentalities. “Because what matters more is their courage and self-esteem. We have to sensitize them”.