' A house hit by floods in Kiyange area,-Buterere zone

Over 2500 people left homeless due to flood in Buterere zone

05-01-2018 More than 2500 people from Kiyange area, Buterere zone, Ntahangwa commune in Bujumbura were left homeless because of devastating flood which has hit the area since 28 April. The population asks for assistance. “Life has become impossible in this capital. We do not know where to go for help. (...)
' Residents of Carama trying to remove water and mud from their houses.

Over 32 houses destroyed and 6 others flooded in Carama

04-24-2018 People from Carama quarter in the northern part of the capital Bujumbura feel total despair after a night of torrential rain and flooding that caused a lot of damage on Sunday April 22. “At around 4 a.m in the night, I heard my children screaming. I rushed to their (...)
' The houses destroyed in Muyange area following the torrential rain

Over 250 houses destroyed in Gatumba following torrential rain

04-17-2018 More than 250 families in Gatumba zone of Mutimbuzi commune in western Bujumbura are homeless. Their houses were destroyed following the heavy rain that has fallen since 10 April. The large part of Gatumba area is flooded. The locals no longer go about their daily activities because for some, (...)
' Gilbert Midende, Director General of Rainbow Mining Burundi “We reached our goal at 25%."

325 tons of rare earth concentrates exported in six months

04-10-2018 Rainbow Mining Burundi (RMB) has reached 25% of its objectives in 6 months of operation. According to the Director General of RMB, the fact of transferring the payment of exported products to the account of Burundi Central Bank and the lack of experienced personnel are the major challenges that (...)
' A hippopotamus grazing across Lake Tanganyika

Over 15 hippopotamuses killed within two years in Burundi

03-28-2018 The Burundian Office for the Protection of the Environment reveals that more than 15 hippopotamuses have been killed over the last two years. Environmental activities require compliance with the Water Code to protect this endangered species. “We currently observe hippos wandering in various neighborhoods of Bujumbura like Kibenga, Kinindo, (...)
' Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at REGIDESO “We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted”

World Water Day: Pollution of Lake Tanganyika worries REGIDESO

03-23-2018 “We draw water at 3.5 km from the edge of Lake Tanganyika and at 25 meters deep. We are very much concerned by the fact that after analyzing the extracted raw water, we find that it is polluted, “said Desiré Nsengiyumva, Director of Water at the Burundian company in (...)
' Augustin Ngenzirabona: “The seasonal rainfall for the next three months will be normal throughout the country

IGEBU says MAM weather forecast will be good

02-23-2018 Burundi Geographical Institute – IGEBU indicates that the weather forecast for March-April-May (MAM) 2018 is promising. It says a large part of the country is likely to have, in general, normal precipitation that will be mainly characterized by the evolution of the global temperature of the sea surface. Augustin (...)
' Youth from different associations planting trees on Sororezo hill

Youth led associations to plant 6,000 trees in community service

02-12-2018 23 youth led associations have, this Saturday 10 February, planted 6,000 grevillea trees on Sororezo hill in the northern part of Bujumbura city. They joined together in an initiative called “Dusharize Uburundi” in the same spirit of the environment protection. Jadot Nkurunziza, a young environmental activist and representative of (...)
' On the side of Rohe area, the banks of the Kanyosha River are collapsing.

Rohe area seriously threatened by Kanyosha River

02-07-2018 Over 50 families in the Rohe area have already moved out since the banks of Kanyosha River are gradually collapsing, thus, causing the demolition of the surrounding houses. Rohe area is located at about 3 km from the national road RN7 (Bujumbura-Rutovu) in Kamesa neighborhood of Musaga zone in (...)
' Mubone dump is saturated with wastes

Garbage dump temporarily set up in Gisyo area

02-02-2018 The officially known dump of Mubone in Buterere Zone in the north of Bujumbura has not been operational since the past few weeks. The office of Bujumbura Mayor has temporarily set up a new garbage dump in Gisyo area of Kanyosha zone in the south of Bujumbura while waiting (...)
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