Integrated water resources management in need

09-12-2014 The Global Water Partnership East Africa (GWPEA) through its Water, Climate and Development Program, has organized a two day workshop for media from 25th to 26th August 2014 to reinforce knowledge and evaluate the place given to climate change issues in media.–Diane Uwimana “Few media are interested within the (...)
' Gatunguru

Gatunguru: a watched pot never boils

09-10-2014 Since the catastrophic situation occurred in Gatunguru areas (in Kinama Commune) on 9th February 2014, nothing is done to restore the Gasenyi River. An expert alerts.-By Diane Uwimana Two of the three nozzles leading the Gasenyi River waters are blocked. At the time where the rainy season comes close, (...)
' Albert

A clean space, a protected environment

07-24-2014 In Bujumbura City Council and even all over the country, the salubrious situation in different areas leaves to desire. Everyone and especially the government should be concerned by this big issue.-By Yves Didier Irakoze “I’m very sensitive when I see someone throwing some waste dirty in an open area (...)
' A destroyed bridge along the road between Kinanira II and Kanyosha Commune  ©Iwacu

Kanyosha River, a danger for neighbouring houses

06-26-2014 The situation is getting bad to worse. Any house located near Kanyosha River is destroyed step by step. Inhabitants call for the Administration help.-By Diane Uwimana Among rivers travelling Bujumbura City Council, Kanyosha River is one of them where someone should move up stones and sand. Up the first (...)
' Butchery Rumonge

Four years without water in Rumonge market butchery

06-06-2014 Rumonge market has about 1300 traders. Among them 833 have their own places inside the market. Others are all around the market. Women selling fruit are gathered outside. In the market, it is hard to find a path very easily without squeezing oneself. However, everybody tries to make his/her (...)
' Ministry in charge of environmen

Journalists: a key to sensitize more people on biodiversity issues

05-30-2014 The majority of Burundians do not understand the importance of biodiversity and ecosystem. The Ministry in charge of environment eagerly needs journalists’ sensitization.-Diane Uwimana “The protected areas and their biodiversity are threatened in Burundi. The needs of growing food, fuel, firewoods, illegal occupation of areas, fast and illicit enrichment, (...)

“ESCEP-Bât”: a collection system and water storage tank

05-14-2014 Due to high water price in Burundi, ESCEP-Bât constructs and sells water tanks from 1,000 litres to 4,000 litres, which consist of collecting and storing water in a tank.–By Diane Uwimana Gilbert Nkezabahizi, Chairperson of the Company ESCEP-Bât, notes that the company has the major objectives of improving the (...)
' Cars hardly crossing the “Amitié Avenue”  ©Iwacu

The avenues of “Mission & Amitié”: difficult roads to cross

05-09-2014 These roads are famous for their business activities. People may say that if someone look for something and want shopping, he/she may go to these avenues. Shops, forex bureaux and bank offices… are found there. Everybody feels rushed in business even if it is a little one.-Diane Uwimana In (...)
' Benjamin Bikorimana: “These can be used as a source of energy for households and other communities.”©Iwacu

Bio-energy Burundi: protect firstly the environment

04-30-2014 Since its creation in 2005, Bio-energy Company produces charcoal from household waste to protect the environment and create jobs.-Diane Uwimana Inside the compound, everybody feels rushed. Some expose the finished products of the transformed charcoal from waste collected in different households in the country in general and in Bujumbura (...)
' Partial view of the participants.©Iwacu

Burundi Stakeholders establish interim PHE Network

04-21-2014 Stakeholders from the public, civil society, media institutions in Burundi established National Interim Population, Health and Environment (PHE) Network on 11th April 2014.-By Diane Uwimana Twelve members drawn from different institutions (public and civil society) constitute the Interim PHE Network and will be coordinated by the Ministry of Environment, (...)