' Rweru River threatened by water hyacinth and pollution

Lake Rweru almost dying out

12-19-2017 The invasion by the water hyacinth and pollution threaten this lake shared by Burundi and Rwanda. The diversion of the Akagera River from Rwanda is the cause of this threat, say local residents. “We saw this plant for the first time since Akagera river left its bank to flaw (...)
' A hippopotamus grazing along Lake Tanganyika in south Bujumbura

Hippo movement in neighborhoods close to Lake Tanganyika, “sign of threat”

11-10-2017 In recent days, residents of Bujumbura say they meet hippos in some neighborhoods near Lake Tanganyika.Environmentalists say these hippos come out of their natural habitat to seek food because they are threatened with hunger. “We are afraid of these hippopotamuses roaming in our neighborhoods. Whenever we see them, we (...)
' Houses near the ravine risk collapsing

Houses and infrastructures under threat of gully in Musaga area

10-26-2017 On the second avenue of Musaga neighborhood in the southern part of the capital Bujumbura, on the right side, a ravine of Mpimba River represents a threat to people and infrastructures surrounding the locality. When it rains, the ravine banks becomes wider and wider. Sand bags have been packed (...)
' Lake Tanganyika continues to be polluted

SETEMU, main source of pollution of Lake Tanganyika?

10-20-2017 Lake Tanganyika is currently being threatened because all wastes from factories and households are dumped directly at it without being treated. This was observed during a visit carried out in factories close to the place commonly known as “Ku mase” by the technical commission in charge of securing the (...)
' Mubone official dump in Butere

Around 10 associations to remove solid waste in Bujumbura

10-19-2017 The Mayor of Bujumbura released on 17 October a list of more than 10 associations and cooperatives that won the market to dispose of solid waste in two communes of Bujumbura capital. This measure is taken following the grumblings of Bujumbura inhabitants who said that the waste is no (...)
' Midende Gilbert “There is nothing hidden, whoever needs the contract can see it”.

Gakara Mining Project lacks transparency, say activists

10-06-2017 Rainbow Rare Earths has recently launched a mining project in Gakara commune in Bujumbura province. Different activists say there is opacity all around this mining project but Rainbow Burundi Mining (RBM) refutes the accusations. In a press conference held this 6 October 2017, Gilbert Midende, RBM Director, says nothing (...)
' Joseph Butore: “If the local administration and population don’t understand that it is their responsibility to protect Lake Tanganyika, it will still be polluted”

Lake Tanganyika protection is everyone’s duty, says Second Deputy President

10-06-2017 The issue of Lake Tanganyika pollution has been raised by different MPs when the Second Deputy President was presenting achievements of the ministries for which he is responsible for the past six months in the National Assembly. Joseph Butore says everyone should be involved in lakes’ protection. Agathon Rwasa, (...)
' Ploughed fields constitute the main cause of pollution of the Lake Rwihinda.

Northern Lakes threatened

10-03-2017 Uncontrolled exploitation is the main threat to the lakes in Kirundo northern province. The administration promises to take innovative measures to effectively protect lakes from being polluted. Once at Lake Rwihinda, one observes vast tracts of ploughed fields: fields of onions, eggplant, cabbage and tomatoes. The latter go so (...)
' 15 cows and 20 goats are slaughtered everyday on the bank of Mugere River

Mugere River to be protected from butchers’ activities

09-26-2017 The Director of Water Resources says the clandestine abattoir set up along the Mugere River is one of the sources of Lake Tanganyika pollution. The Mugere surrounding inhabitants demand its relocation as it emits unpleasant odor. When at Mugere River, at 12 Km from Bujumbura city center at 10 (...)
' The Environment Ministry announces that the rainfall will be low during this agricultural season

La Niña in observation phase during rainy season

09-21-2017 The Ministry of Environment, Water and Urban territory has announced that the rainfall will be low for this agricultural season (from October to December). The meteorological forecast from September to December during this agricultural season shows that the rainfall will decrease gradually. “The situation will be normal but the (...)
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