' Many farmers in rural Bujumbura rely on bare and eroded hills

Burundian farmers coping with climate change thanks to FAO

10-20-2016 The Food and Agriculture Organisation leads Burundian farmers into adopting farming techniques that help them to cope with climate change. “Climate has significantly changed over the past years and this negatively affects farming”, says Vénérand Nyandwi, 62, a farmer and father of 10. “Normally we sow our fields of (...)
' Comifac

COMIFAC: Burundi assumes Presidency and the challenges that entails

01-21-2015 On Friday 16th January 2015, Burundi became head of COMIFAC (Central African Forests Commission). Burundi faces many challenges in its new role. – By Diane Uwimana After 18 years of membership of the organization, this will be the first time will Burundi lead COMIFAC. The Minister of Agriculture and (...)
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Burundi at the head of the COMIFAC organization

01-18-2015 The ten Central African countries that constitute the Central African Forest Commission (COMIFAC) held a meeting in Bujumbura in order to elaborate the action plan for 2015-2016.-By Diane Uwimana Participants from Angola, Burundi, Cameroon, the Central African Republic, Congo, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, DRC, Sao Tome & Principe and Chad, (...)
' Climate change

Climate Change and the Burundian Media

12-30-2014 The Water, Climate and Development Program (WACDEP) organized on 23rd December 2014, a workshop for chief editors from different media sources. The main objective of the workshop was to encourage them to focus on to water security and climate change resilience issues in their press.-By Diane Uwimana “Climate change (...)
' waste water

New norms for disposing of waste water

10-23-2014 From 22nd to 23rd October, the Ministry of Water, Environment, Sanitation and Urbanism (MEEATU) organized a two day workshop to raise awareness on the national norms for disposing waste water.–By Diane Uwimana “Throwing out waste water can negatively impact our health and environment”, says Francine Jeanne Nkunzimana, Director of (...)
' Climate change

Climate change: Time for action

09-30-2014 Various associations involved in protection of the environment, such as the Ministry of environment, Scouts and others,took a guided ecological tourto the GasenyiRiverthat overflowed in February this year. The tour was meant to explain aboutthe stateof the river anddiscuss ways to prevent other accidents.-By Yves Didier Irakoze The visit (...)
' Evariste Sinarinzi

Preparing farmers for climate change

09-29-2014 Mitigating measures are taken to increase resilience to climate change.-By Diane Uwimana Evariste Sinarinzi, a civil servant at the Burundi Geographical Institute (IGEBU) and a Water and Climate Change Expert, indicates that during several years, IGEBU observed that the length of the rainy season was the same as the dry (...)
' Some waste tried to be stolen by thieves  ©Iwacu

Waste of Bujumbura Central Market to be cleaned

09-29-2014 The burned remains of the Bujumbura Central Market are still there, almost two years after the fire. The bad smell poses a very serious health risk. The Ministry of Environment, Water and Urbanism plans to remove the waste to a proper place, although it is unclear when.-Diane Uwimana On (...)
' Ban Ki Moon

France pledges $1 billion for Green Climate Fund

09-25-2014 During the Climate Summit 2014 organized this Tuesday 23rd September, participants emphasised the importance of the Green Climate Fund. –By Diane Uwimana “We must meet the broader 100 billion dollar-a-year pledge made in Copenhagen”, Ban Ki-Moon said in his opening remarks. The Secretary General of the UN indicates that (...)
' Great Aps

Great Apes in Burundi

09-18-2014 Burundi is supported by Great Apes Survival Partnership (GRASP) in protecting the great apes that are endangered worldwide and particularly in Burundi. This was confirmed at the GRASP Regional Meeting held in Bujumbura from 4 to 6 September 2014.-By Lorraine Josiane Manishatse The meeting gathered environmental and wildlife professionals (...)