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Four arrests in connection with Environment Minister Assassination

01-02-2017 A woman, two guards and the owner of “Chez André” restaurant have been arrested for investigation following the assassination of the Minister of Water and Environment. Emmanuel Niyonkuru, 54, was killed on 1 January by a criminal with a gun at about 00: 45 local time while going back (...)
' Revelation / An incursion goes awry in Eastern DRC

Revelation / An incursion goes awry in Eastern DRC

01-02-2017 All kinds of rumors circulate about the fighting that took place on 21 December in Uvira. Burundian soldiers were killed. On the Burundi side, military communication completely denies the information. FNL fighters led by Nzabampema settled in the area claim the fight and jubilate. Who fought and why? Two (...)
' Baratuza «There are no real Burundian soldiers in Kiliba”

Baratuza «There are no real Burundian soldiers in Kiliba”

12-31-2016 The government has denied media reports of confrontations between soldiers of Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), one of Burundi’s neighbours, in the west of Burundi. The two countries maintain good relations, said Gaspard Baratuza, spokesman for Burundi’s National Defense ministry, on 29 December. According to RFI, (...)
' Tharcisse Gahungu, Chairman of COSYBU

Burundian trade union confederation leader arrested

12-29-2016 Tharcisse Gahungu, Chairman of the Burundian trade union confederation (COSYBU), was arrested yesterday in Ijenda area of Mugongo-Manga commune in Bujumbura province. A police source says he would have been arrested by agents of the National Intelligence Service. Nsavyimana Célestin, Deputy Chairman of COSYBU, says Gahungu and other trade (...)
' Electrical cables exposed in Kinindo zone, south of the capital Bujumbura

Two children dead due to unprotected electric cables

12-28-2016 Two children died in Kinanira district of Kinindo zone in the south of the capital Bujumbura following the uncovered outdoor electrical installations. The organization advocating children’s rights [SOGEPAE] asks the Minister of Energy and Mines to ensure immediate adequate installations. “We are very much concerned about the phenomenon of (...)
' Baratuza «There are no real Burundian soldiers in Kiliba”

Burundian Army hopes its troops in AMISOM will get their arrears”

12-28-2016 Burundi National Defense Force Spokesman, Gaspard Baratuza, confirms the AU appeal to Burundi government to send soldiers who will replace the 40th, 41st and 42nd battalions deployed in Somalia. He believes the Burundian military, who serve the African Union Mission in Somalia-AMISOM, are going to be paid their arrears. (...)
' Emmanuel Manariyo, Head of the Riot Police: “There are always elements of the special law enforcement police units on standby to react in case there is a report of any security threat”.

Security Minister guarantees safety during festivities

12-26-2016 Public security officials say they have taken necessary measures to make sure residents of capital Bujumbura spend Christmas and New Year parties in security. “Security prevails. All measures have been taken to ensure people celebrate Christmas and New Year festivities in peace”, said Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public (...)
' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security “Ministry of Public Security achieved its 2016 objectives at 90%...”

Burundi Security Ministry satisfied with its 2016 achievements

12-22-2016 While presenting the annual report of activities carried out by the Ministry of Public Security on 21 December, Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security said the year 2016 was characterized by heightened security throughout the country. He, however, evoked some cases of assassinations, enforced disappearances and armed attacks (...)
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Burundi defence ministry hopeful for 2017

12-21-2016 “We have accomplished much and there are many more activities to do next year”, said Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye, the Defense Minister as he presented his ministry’s accomplishments for this year and plans for 2017. He said that among the many plans the ministry has, it will work towards the creation (...)
' Police search residence of mainly foreign citizens

Police search residence of mainly foreign citizens

12-15-2016 The police have searched apartments occupied mainly by Belgian and other European citizens, employees of NGOs, and other international organisations in Kabondo area in the capital Bujumbura. A resident who spoke on the condition of anonymity said only one officer not in police uniform with a search warrant entered (...)