' The inhabitants of Ruhagarika area in great consternation

Buganda: 26 dead and 7 wounded in an attack

05-12-2018 Twenty four people died on the spot and two others at the hospital after their evacuation in Bujumbura city. This has been said this Saturday, May 12, by Alain-Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security, after an attack perpetrated in the night of this Friday in Ruhagarika area of Buganda (...)
' Displaced Somalis fetching water from taps installed by Burundian troops

Withdrawal of AMISOM, “Gradual process”

05-11-2018 Resolution 2372 provides for the withdrawal of troops from the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) by 2021. However, this operation will take into account the realities on the ground. “Indeed, this resolution states that in 2021, the transition will have to be completed. But, it stipulates that this (...)
' University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus.

Some students denounce torture by fellows on Mutanga campus every night

05-09-2018 A number of students from the University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus, accuse their fellows affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD, also members of a joint security committee of torturing them. The victims demand that security be ensured by the police. The chief of the police station in charge of ensuring (...)
' The house of Balthazar Nzeyimana where those five people were arrested

Police arrest five people accused of holding illegal meeting in Buyenzi

05-08-2018 Sources report that police officers alongside agents of the National Intelligence Service arrested five people including the former administrator of Buyenzi Commune Barthazar Nzeyimana. They were all at his home located on the 21th Avenue in Buyenzi district in the center of the capital Bujumbura in the night of (...)
' People unloading the overturned truck in Rwizingwe area where the accident occurred

Ten killed and 5 shops destroyed in road crash in Gashikanwa commune

04-27-2018 At least ten people were killed when the World Food Program truck from Tanzania missed its way after brake failure on the national road (RN6) at around 9:00 a.m. this Thursday, April 26. The accident occurred on Rwizingwe Hill in Gashikanwa Commune of Ngozi Northern Province. A witness of (...)
' Ngagara Zone

One person injured by robbers armed with machetes in northern Bujumbura

04-20-2018 Residents of Ngagara (Q2) neighborhood, Ngagara Zone, north of Bujumbura are gripped by fear. They report that machete-armed people attacked this neighborhood three times within a week. They demand that the police strengthen security. “Yesterday night, around 2 am, I heard my neighbors crying loudly calling for help. Then (...)
' Phénias Nigaba

Disagreements arise about criminal code revision recently adopted

04-20-2018 On April 18, the National Assembly adopted a bill on the revision of the code of criminal procedure. The latter causes disputes among politicians. “This bill is a flagrant violation of individual rights and freedom,” says Phénias Nigaba, FRODEBU party spokesman. He says his party is worried about the (...)
' Amizero y’Abarundi MP beaten in Kanyosha

MP from ‘Amizero y’Abarundi’ opposition coalition beaten by civilians

04-13-2018 Bernard Ndayisenga, an MP elected from the political coalition of the opposition Amizero y’Abarundi, was beaten up in the morning of 13 April in Kanyosha neighborhood, in south of the capital Bujumbura. Kanyosha residents blame members of the youth wing of the ruling CNDD-FDD. Pierre Célestin Ndikumana, the chairman (...)
' Filippo

Refugees from Musasa camp call for more humanitarian assistance

04-13-2018 Refugees from Musasa camp call on humanitarians to increase their assistance which they say is not sufficient. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees instead appeals to them to undertake income-generating activities to improve their living conditions. Masawa Kanyurhi Consolatta, the representative of Musasa camp refugees, says a refugee (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for police “They are currently undergoing police investigation”

21 table tennis players suspected of planning to disrupt security released

04-11-2018 According to a relative of one of the 21 persons who were arrested on 9 April in Carama neighborhood by the police, all of them were released yesterday evening after undergoing police interrogation. The arrested people included the chairman of Burundi Trade Unions’ Confederation (CSB), Gilbert Nyawakira. Pierre Nkurikiye, (...)
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