' Soldiers being cheered by protesters in 2015. At times, protesters were seen hiding behind soldiers to escape police violence

Having political sympathies is an “insult” for armed forces, says political scientist

04-04-2017 Dr Elias Sentamba says armed forces should be politically neutral for peace and prosperity to reign in a country. It’s an “insult” for a member of the defence and security bodies to identify with a political party, said Dr Elias Sentamba, a political scientist, on Monday 3 April speaking (...)
' Pierre Celestin Ndikumana , the chairman of parliamentary group of  ‘Mizero y'abarundi alliance

60 arbitrarily arrested within one week, according to political alliance

04-01-2017 The parliamentary group of the political alliance Amizero y’Abarundi, (Hope of Burundians) announced on 29 March that 60 people were arbitrarily arrested between 20 and 26 March. It accuses the National Intelligence Service (SNR) and police officers of being responsible for these violations of human rights. FNL”More than 60 (...)
' Students of the University of Burundi are resolute to go on strike as planned

Two Burundi University students detained by Intelligence Service

03-30-2017 Elysée Dushime, a student at the University of Burundi in the Faculty of Economic and Management Sciences, in Financial Accounting Section, third year and Audace Nkunzimana, a student in the Institute for Applied Pedagogy (IPA) in Bio-Chemistry Section , third year were arrested on 28 and 29 March respectively. (...)
' Bigirimana family says its security is threatened

Bigirimana family says its security is threatened

03-28-2017 The wife of the journalist of Iwacu Press Group gone missing since 22 July 2016 says unknown people threw stones at the roof of her house on which they also wrote with blood words like ‘keba’ meaning ‘cut, be watchful, an opponent’ depending upon the context, in the night (...)
' The body of Colonel Charles Ndihokubwayo lying inside St. Joseph Parish in Ngagara

” Corpse phenomenon” on greater scale

03-27-2017 Lifeless bodies are discovered all over the country. Some human rights activists speak of a revival of murderous violence of a political and ethnic nature and count about sixty corpses. For the police, this phenomenon would be linked to vengeance, banditry or witchcraft. In the morning of Monday, March (...)
' Bururi province chief town

Two corpses discovered in Bururi Province

03-14-2017 Local sources say two bodies of a child and man were found in the morning of 13 March in the Siguvyaye River, near Gisanze area, in Bururi commune of the Southern province of Bururi. After recovering the two bodies from the Siguvyaye River, the body of the child was (...)
' Gaspard   Baratuza:   “Burundi   Government   will   never   accept   thattroublemakers from neighboring countries find refuge in the country"

“No armed groups entered Burundi from Rwanda”, says Burundi ArmySpokesperson

03-13-2017 Col. Gaspard Baratuza, Burundi Army Spokesperson, says no armed groupshave been noticed crossing the border between the two countries. “Burundi Government will never accept that criminals or troublemakers from neighboring countries find refuge in the country”, he says. On 12 March, unidentified gunmen perpetrated an attack in Rusizi district, (...)
' Soldiers being cheered by protesters in 2015. At times, protesters were seen hiding behind soldiers to escape police violence

Burundi soldier repatriated from Somalia for driving alone in Mogadishu

03-11-2017 Caporal-Chief Niyonkuru Leon was repatriated from the UN peacekeeping mission in Somalia on 9 March. He is accused of driving alone in the Mogadishu, the capital city of Somalia. “The troop contributing country, even the international community, doesn’t tolerate this due to the insecurity prevailing there”, says Gaspard Baratuza, (...)
' A fire truck in action

Four Burundian provinces lack fire trucks

03-01-2017 The lack of firefighting equipment and trained personnel is the main challenge faced by the Civil Protection Police Unit. Four provinces namely Bubanza, Cankuzo, Mwaro and Bujumbura are not equipped with fire trucks. “Houses, shops and markets were set on fire in Bujumbura as well as in the country (...)
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Police claim shared responsibility for illegal objects smuggling into prison

02-28-2017 Illegal items seized in Mpimba central prison have shown that security control is lax. The police say guards and penitentiary administration are to blame. In reaction to evidence of the introduction of prohibited objects and products in the prison, Pierre Nkurikiye, the National Police Spokesman, blames both the guards (...)