' “We are proceeding with their repatriation. We will meet soon with UN Refugee Agency and Tanzania to talk about this case”

Burundian Government says it is processing Tanzanian refugees’ repatriation

08-05-2017 The Ministry of interior in Burundi says they are processing the repatriation of refugees from the Nduta camp in Tanzania. This reaction comes after refugees staged a protest in front of UN refugee Agency’s offices in Nduta, Tanzania on Monday. They wanted to be repatriated to Burundi immediately and (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: “Cases of criminality decreased by 24,3 % in July»

31 people killed in July, police say

08-03-2017 The Ministry of Public Security reports that the number of crimes committed in July has fallen off from 621 in June to 151 in July, a decrease of 24,3%. “Cases of killings and killing attempts moved from 37 cases in June to 31 in July. Victims were killed due (...)
' Ngozi-chef-lieu

Three FNL followers arrested in Ngozi Northern Province

07-25-2017 Charles Bizimana, Jérèmie Ndoriyobija and Christian Citegetse have been arrested by the National Intelligence Service in Ngozi Northern Province in the afternoon of 24 July. Olive Nkunzimana, MP elected in Ngozi constituency from the political coalition “Amizero y’Abarundi” says all of them are followers of FNL party, which is (...)
' Expelled Congolese came by boat

Provincial administration expels 57 Congolese in transit from Rumonge to Tanzania

07-24-2017 “They came in groups. 39 Congolese arrived in Rumonge on 20 July while 18 others arrived on 21 of the same month”, says Juvénal Bigirimana, Rumonge province Governor. The majority of them were women and children. They entered Burundi through Rumonge port. They said they had fled confrontations between (...)
' Seized taxis parked at Top One gas station, in northern Bujumbura

Burundi Police seize over 150 taxis in Bujumbura

07-20-2017 The police have seized more than 150 cabs for security reasons since 17 July. Taxi drivers say they do not know why their cars were seized arguing that the Road Traffic Police issued them necessary document to work. They deplore that it is a great loss to spend two (...)
' Minister of Public Security Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “Such acts of throwing grenades at bars and some other public places are compared with terrorist attacks”

Burundi Security Minister compares recent grenade explosions with terrorist attacks

07-18-2017 Despite the grenade attacks that claimed five lives and injured over 70 within seven days, the Minister of Public Security says the security situation is generally good throughout Burundi. Minister of Public Security, Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, said on Monday 17 that the security situation has improved significantly throughout the (...)
' The grenade was thrown in the middle of the street and injured a dozen of people

Fear grips Bwiza residents over consecutive grenade attacks

07-17-2017 Two attacks have been perpetrated in Bwiza neighborhood in central Bujumbura, injuring dozens of people just within one week, different sources say. Fear haunts the residents of the locality “It was around 8 :30 pm in the night of 16 July when a grenade exploded in the middle of (...)
' Entrance of Bwiza Zone premises

Four police officers wounded in a grenade attack in central Bujumbura

07-12-2017 Four policemen were injured as a result of a grenade attack that occurred last night around 9pm in central Bujumbura. Two of the victims were seriously injured, according to Diane Gahimbare, Chief of Bwiza I neighborhood, in Mukaza Commune, Bujumbura. She says the perpetrators were in a pickup truck. (...)
' The injured were taken to Gahombo, Musema and Kayanza hospital for care.

Five people killed and over 50 injured in grenade attack

07-10-2017 Two children, a woman and two men were killed by an unidentified “terrorist” in a grenade attack that also injured more than 50 people in the north-western province of Kayanza on Sunday around 6:30 p.m., the police report “Yesterday around 6h30 p.m. in Gatara Commune, Kayanza province, an unidentified (...)
' Evariste Ngoyagoye, Archbishop of Bujumbura.

Journalist detained by police, released two days later

07-06-2017 A journalist who had been detained by the police and sent to the public prosecution office has been freed this Thursday. Joseph Bananeno, a benevolent journalist of Radio Maria, was arrested by the police on Tuesday over charges of “incitement to public disorder”. Unconfirmed reports say the journalist had (...)