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Four people killed on weekend in Burundi

04-25-2017 In the early morning of 24 April, sounds of gunshots were heard in Kigobe neighborhood of Ntahangwa Commune in the capital Bujumbura. “The police officer was pursuing a “tuk-tuk” driver who was trying to escape. Instead of stopping, he rather tried to run away and the police officer shot (...)
' While their guns were too rusty, the two criminals were clean and well presented.

Armed robbery, kidnapping near border with Congo: police clarify

04-22-2017 In the wake of armed robbery and kidnappings near the border with the Democratic Republic of the Congo in recent weeks, the Burundi police says armed forces have arrested an undisclosed number of criminals and seized arms. At a press conference on Friday 21 April, journalists were not allowed (...)
' Typically, a prisoner allowed to move out of the prison is  guarded by at least one police officer

Prison Director and chief guard detained after prisoners’ guards escape

04-18-2017 The Director of Rutana prison and a chief of the police guard of the prison have been jailed following the escape of two prisoners and two police officers who were guarding them. Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the National Police, says Director Jonas Mbonimpa and Officer Eugène Bizindavyi “were arrested (...)
' Mathias Mujuriro with his “Umuduri” (a traditional musical instrument)

Two elderly Burundians kidnapped from their farm in Congo

04-17-2017 Two elderly Burundian farmers, a husband and his wife, have been kidnapped by unknown criminals from their farm on the territory of the neighbouring Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) in the morning of this Monday, according to the police. Police sources says Bernard Nihende, 64, and his wife (...)
' The robber was killed trying to escape

Police shot robber dead and injured another in Bujumbura

04-13-2017 At least one robber was killed and another one injured by the police on a night patrol on 12 April in Kibenga southern and Buterere northern neighborhoods of the Burundian capital Bujumbura. A man known as Régis, in his forties, was killed by the police in the night of (...)
' Colonel Baratuza: “Those who defected were politically motivated”.

Only thirty soldiers defected since 2015, says Army spokesperson

04-12-2017 The International Crisis Group reported that between 600 and 2,000 soldiers including high-ranking officers have defected since April 2015. According to the report published on 5 April, the fear of being killed reinforces the desertion observed in the Burundian army. The International crisis group also reported that several desertions (...)
' The troublemakers who conducted the attack in Gihanga Commune would have retreated into the Rukoko Natural Reserve

Security undermined in some areas of Burundi at weekend

04-10-2017 On 9 April at 20: 30 in the evening, an armed group ambushed a transportation vehicle going from Bujumbura city council to Gatumba zone of Bujumbura Province. Residents of the locality say they heard shootings but they did not know what was happening. “The troublemakers wanted to steal the (...)

Weapons seized in Nyanza-Lac cause fear among residents

04-05-2017 After the consecutive seizure of weapons in Nyanza-Lac Commune of Makamba southern province, residents of the locality fear a possible security destabilization. The administration reassures. Seven weapons have been seized in Kazirabageni zone of Nyanza-Lac Commune in Makamba southern province of Burundi in one week. Seven people were arrested (...)
' Soldiers being cheered by protesters in 2015. At times, protesters were seen hiding behind soldiers to escape police violence

Having political sympathies is an “insult” for armed forces, says political scientist

04-04-2017 Dr Elias Sentamba says armed forces should be politically neutral for peace and prosperity to reign in a country. It’s an “insult” for a member of the defence and security bodies to identify with a political party, said Dr Elias Sentamba, a political scientist, on Monday 3 April speaking (...)
' Pierre Celestin Ndikumana , the chairman of parliamentary group of  ‘Mizero y'abarundi alliance

60 arbitrarily arrested within one week, according to political alliance

04-01-2017 The parliamentary group of the political alliance Amizero y’Abarundi, (Hope of Burundians) announced on 29 March that 60 people were arbitrarily arrested between 20 and 26 March. It accuses the National Intelligence Service (SNR) and police officers of being responsible for these violations of human rights. FNL”More than 60 (...)