' A mosque in Nyamugari district where women are mostly recruited to go to Gulf countries.

Muslim women in Gitega town accuse police of persecuting them

07-27-2018 Some Muslim families in the town of Gitega complain about the arrests made by the police against some women a week ago. They were accused of illegally going to Gulf countries. Some Muslim families in the neighborhoods of Gitega town say they are persecuted in their own country. The (...)
' Expelled military candidates at Cibitoke Province office

Thirty military candidates from Cibitoke expelled from training to join national army

07-27-2018 Six Noncommissioned Officer Candidates and 24 soldiers from Cibitoke Province were expelled on 20 July from military training taking place in Bururi Province in southern Burundi since 14 July 2018. They say they are victims of the region from which they come. More than 80 military candidates were selected (...)
' Mass grave discovered in Rusaka commune, Mwaro province, in central Burundi

Police arrest man after discovering mass grave in Makamba

07-21-2018 An inhabitant of Buheka area, Kazirabageni zone, Nyanza Lake commune, Makamba province in the south of the country was arrested by the police on 16 July for having disinterred human remains. He discovered a mass grave while working in his field. Human rights activists demand that he be released. (...)
' Melchiade Ruceke: “Nothing will prevent the ministry from suspending definitely those companies which didn’t abide by those regulations,”

Security Ministry warns private security companies to comply with regulations

07-20-2018 In the presentation of the achievements for the 2nd term of 2018, the ministry of public security has insisted on the respect of regulations governing the private security and surveillance companies. Melchiade Ruceke, Permanent Secretary to the Ministry of Public Security says those regulations which are not often respected (...)
' Nzeyimana's body discovered in Nyakabiga zone

Dead body found in Nyakabiga zone

07-16-2018 A man’s dead body was found early in the morning of July 16 on Avenue de l’Imprimerie bordered by the Ntahangwa River, Nyakabiga zone, in central Bujumbura. The body had injuries on the head. “The man seems to have been hit on the face,” says a resident of Nyakabiga. (...)
' Burundian returnees from Kenya at Bujumbura International Airport

Forty eight Burundian refugees return from Kenya

07-05-2018 At least 48 Burundians (30 children and 18 adults) from ten households who were refugees in Kenya have arrived at Bujumbura International Airport this Wednesday 4 July. They came from Kakuma refugee camp. Some of them had fled the country in 2000 others in 2015. All of them are (...)
' Muyinga chief town

Man shot dead in Muyinga province

06-28-2018 Jean-Pierre Mumputu, an engineer at Muyinga Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Livestock (DPAE) was killed by unidentified armed people in the night of June 26. The incident took place around 10 p.m. at Kibogoye neighborhood, Muyinga commune in Muyinga province on the avenue commonly known as “kurya Rumonge”, police (...)

Over 250 Burundians expelled from Rwanda arrived within three days, administration says

06-26-2018 The Ntega Commune of Kirundo northern province has welcomed over 250 Burundians from Rwanda since June 23. Philippe Ngabonziza, administrator of Ntega says they would have been expelled by Rwandan authorities because they refused to live in Mahama refugee camp. “They were also suspected of harboring criminals,” says Ngabonziza. (...)
' Caption: One person was killed and three others wounded by a grenade thrown into a house located in Murwi.

One killed in grenade attack in Murwi

06-14-2018 One person was killed and three others wounded by a grenade thrown into a house located in Murwi Commune chief town, in Cibitoke western province in the night of Tuesday 12 June. Sources on the spot say the perpetrator would have tossed the grenade through the window while family (...)
' Gitega

Two persons killed in grenade attack in Gitega

06-12-2018 Two people were killed and 22 others wounded in a grenade attack that occurred in the night of June 10 in Birohe area of Gitega Commune in Gitega central province. A woman who was selling peanuts died on the spot and seven people including one soldier were seriously injured. (...)
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