' Congolese Refugees at Rumonge Crown Court.

Humanitarian organizations to urgently assist Congolese refugees

01-26-2018 More than 4460 Congolese refugees have arrived since Wednesday night in Rumonge commune, in the south of Burundi. They flee confrontations between Mayi Mayi yakutumba rebel movement and the Congolese army-FARDC in South Kivu. This Friday 26 January 2018, humanitarian organisations rushed to assist them. “The situation is alarming, (...)
' Nyabihanga map

Two loyal supporters of Agathon Rwasa arrested in Nyabihanga Commune

01-10-2018 Stany Ntakarutimana and Innocent Niyungeko, both supporters of the leader of the Burundian opposition, Agathon Rwasa were arrested on January 7, 2018, in Nyabihanga Commune of Mwaro province in the center of the country. According to Fabien Mahera, a political leader in Mwaro Province, the two staunch supporters of (...)
' Félix Ntahonkuriye, signatory of the declaration

FNL rebel movement chief of staff dismissed

01-09-2018 Major General Aloys Nzabampema and the president of this rebel movement, Isidore Nibizi have been dismissed from their functions, reads a statement issued on Friday, January 5, by Major General Felix Ntahonkuriye on behalf of the “FNL Movement Rehabilitation Committee”. The dismissed chief of staff is accused of divulging (...)
' Agathon Rwasa: "They ignored my request my concern and removed soldiers who were guarding me"

Rwasa worried about change of his guard

01-03-2018 “They ignored my request and concern and removed soldiers who were guarding me,” says Agathon Rwasa, First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly and the chairman of the opposition political coalition ‘Amizero y’Abarundi’. He says his safety is in danger. On December 27, the soldiers who were guarding him (...)
' Agathon Rwasa: "They want to harm me."

Agathon Rwasa worries about his security

12-29-2017 Agathon Rwasa, the chairman of the coalition of “Amizero y’Abarundi” and First Deputy Speaker of the National Assembly says he is deeply concerned about his security as he continues to be persecuted. On 27 December, the agents of the National Defense Forces told him that his security guards had (...)
' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “There is a decrease in crimes in 2017 compared to the previous year”

277 killed in 2017, Ministry of Public Security reports

12-28-2017 The Ministry of public security rates its achievements at 90%. It says killing cases decreased from 401 in 2016 to 277 in 2017. Civil society activist says 277 people killed is not a small number. During the presentation of the 2017 report by the ministry of the public security, (...)
' IMG-20171203-WA0025-576x768

Jean Minani: “It’s stupid and wicked”

12-04-2017 Everyone is unanimous. The hotel was a little “jewel” in Kirundo Province. It was a pride and reference in the locality. It had thirty rooms and a dozen of employees. From the building, there are only pictures of ruins shared on social media. Dr. Jean Minani, the unfortunate owner (...)
' “The place where the dead body of the robber was found”

Armed thief shot dead in Gasekebuye quarter, police say

11-30-2017 One thief with a defensive grenade was killed by a police agent in the early morning of this 30 November 2017 in Gasekebuye area, east of Bujumbura, national police say. People in the neighbourhood say the locality is rife with theft. A man was shot dead by a police (...)
' 9th Avenue of Nyakabiga Q3, where the attack took place

Young man seriously beaten by people armed with cudgels in Nyakabiga

11-23-2017 Nyakabiga residents say criminals who beat up a young man yesterday night are members of the youth wing of the ruling CNDD-FDD (Imbonerakure). The representative of Imbonerakure in Nyakabiga neighborhood assures that these criminals will be seriously punished. Jean Berchmans Nduwayo was seriously beaten up yesterday night in Nyakabiga (...)
' Human trafficking phenomena is not new in Burundi: Victims of human trafficking in 2016

Human trafficking keeps on increasing, victims’ families ask for help

11-15-2017 More than 356 women and girls are victims of human trafficking since January 2017. Cases of people who leave families are observed in Bujumbura popular neighbourhoods. Some women decide to abandon their families to go to the Gulf Countries. The most popular neighbourhoods namely Kinama and Kamenge are the (...)
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