' A house being destroyed in Kuruyange site

IDPs from kuruyange evicted from their site

11-01-2017 This Saturday October 28, 7 houses from Kuruyange site were destroyed by the Administrator of Rugazi commune. The later urged other 34 families to leave the place within two weeks. The representative of the displaced people appeals to a good Samaritan to plead for their course. Kuruyange site shelters (...)
' Buterere market devastated by fire

The fire devastated eight kiosks at Buterere market

10-25-2017 Yesterday night, the fire broke out in a market located in Buterere Zone in north of Bujumbura. Merchants whose goods have been burned cry for help. The fire was caused by welders who did not turn off their electrical devices before leaving, police say. Over 200 people including men, (...)
' Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Minister of Public Security: “those people were abducted for various reasons namely the settlement of accounts and conflicts between individuals or members of organizations”

13 people abducted from July to September 2017, says Burundi Security Minister

10-18-2017 The quarterly report of the Ministry of Public Security reveals that 13 people were abducted from July to September 2017: twelve in August while one in September. Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, the Minister of Public Security said those people were abducted for various reasons, namely the settlement of accounts and (...)
' Barricades erected in the street of Cibitoke Zone during demonstration against the reelection of Burundi President in 2015

No more trust between Cibitoke and Kamenge residents

10-17-2017 Some residents of the Cibitoke neighborhood, referred to as anti-President Nkurunziza say they do not feel safe when they are in Kamenge, a so-called pro-government neighborhood. Same feeling for some people from Kamenge. They ask for immediate actions to get them united to overcome fear and prejudices. Burundi has (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: “The investigations are underway”

Man who killed six people found dead

10-10-2017 On this Monday 9 October 2017, at around 3P.M, a man called Jean Claude Ntirandekura killed 6 people on Rweya hill in Buhiga commune of Karusi province. The 24 year-old man killed three people using a machete and burned three others in their houses. He burnt 11 houses, and (...)
' Rusizi Bridge at the entrance to the Gatumba area.

Some members of Burundi ruling party youth wing accused of mistreating Kanyinya residents

10-09-2017 Inhabitants of Kinyinya I hill from Gatumba area in Mutimbuzi commune of the Bujumbura province, denounce the tortures inflicted by members of the ruling party youth wing when conducting night patrols. They criticize local authorities for not taking the problem seriously. “We are tired of being tortured, the authorities (...)
' Col. Gaspard Baratuza:« Those who perpetrated attacks are simple bandits”

No attack perpetrated in Gatumba locality, says Army spokesperson

09-29-2017 During the public conference the spokespersons of the government and other institutions have held on 29 September in Ngozi province, the Army spokesperson says there has not been any attack perpetrated in Gatumba locality, west of Bujumbura province. Two soldiers died on the spot in the attack perpetrated last (...)
' About thirty Burundian asylum seekers died in a clash with the Congolese Security forces

Burundi Government urges DRC to clarify killings of Burundians in Kamanyola

09-18-2017 At least 39 Burundian asylum seekers have been killed while 127 others seriously wounded in a clash with Congolese Security forces this 15 September. Burundi government urges the DRC, UNHCR and MONUSCO to shed light on their death circumstances. The government of Burundi recommends the DRC government, UN Refugee (...)
' Mr. Habarugira was abducted in Avenue Nyankoni.

Abduction for political motives?

09-18-2017 In the morning of Tuesday, 12 September, Léopold Habarugira, Executive member of UPD-Zigamibanga party, not officially recognized by the Government, was abducted. His family is worried. Reactions over his kidnapping arise from all sides. Written by Agnès Ndirubusa & Rénovat Ndabashinze and translated by Pierre Emmanuel Ngendakumana. It was (...)
' The attacked UN Commissioner for Human Rights Compound

Armed Group attacked UNHCHR office in Bujumbura.

09-14-2017 A group of armed men broke into the compound of the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights in Burundi. The police say investigations are under way to identify the criminals. A group of armed men invaded the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human (...)