' Armed men abducted people in Gatumba west of Bujumbura

Armed men abducted people in Gatumba west of Bujumbura

11-18-2016 Unknown armed men abducted eight people in Gatumba zone of Mutimbuzi, west of the capital on Wednesday 16 November. “Three of them were released a day later, on 17 November”, said one local representative in Kinyinya I, where the abduction took place. Residents in Gatumba fear their relatives have (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: “The population must inform security forces about any suspicious activity in their areas”

A lifeless body found in north-west of Burundi

11-14-2016 Casimir Ntibagirirwa, 60 years old and secretary of Butara parish, was found dead yesterday night at Mikoni center of Bukinanyana commune, Cibitoke north-western province of Burundi. The spokesman of the Burundian police Pierre Nkurikiye says a gunshot was heard at 18h 40. The police quickly intervened, but the victim (...)
' One of the graves destroyed in Mpanda cemetery

Arrested for speaking to journalist

11-08-2016 Salvator Nyandwi, the chairman of the association of gravediggers ”Dufashanye”, was arrested in the afternoon of 5 November. He is detained in Gihamga police Brigade custody in Bubanza Province in the West of Burundi. He is accused of speaking to a journalist. The association gathers gravediggers who work in (...)
' Alain- Guillaume Bunyoni (left) and Emmanuel Ntahomvukiye (right) were invited in the session of Oral questions in the National Assembly

Burundian Troops under scrutiny by lawmakers

11-04-2016 Lawmakers in the National Assembly questioned Burundi’s role in Somalia on 3 November. Burundi currently provides over 5,000 troops to fight for the African Union’s peacekeeping force, known as AMISOM, against the Islamic militants, Al Shaabab. Lawmakers focused on two issues: the delayed payment of troops currently deployed and (...)
' The Mugano Avenue where the motorcyclist has been shot dead

Motorcyclist killed in Bujumbura capital

11-02-2016 It was around 5 a.m. this 2 November when a motorcyclist has been shot dead in Gihosha northern neighborhood of Bujumbura the capital. “The motorcyclist has dropped his customer here at Mugano Avenue. They found another person who was standing there. Suddenly, the customer has pointed at the motorcyclist (...)
' AMISOM Burundi contingent

AMISOM Burundi contingent rotation deferred

10-21-2016 On October 10, AU decided to delay the placement of Burundian contingents deployed in the African Union peacekeeping Mission in Somalia [AMISOM] expected in November 2016. The spokesman of the Burundian army colonel Gaspard Baratuza denies this information. “Contrary to what is said, AU has not suspended the rotation (...)
' Many rush to be registered before the deadline fixed on 29 November 2016

20,000 biometric driving licenses already registered in four months

10-20-2016 Since 5 July 2016, the Ministry of Public Security has launched a campaign for changing the traditional driving license into a biometric one. “20,000 persons using the new biometric driving license have already registered out of 290, 000 people registered for the old driving license since 1937,” says Alfred (...)
' The fake UN card the conman possessed.

Foreign conman arrested by the police

10-17-2016 A fraud who wanted to defraud a pastor was apprehended by the police yesterday. The police have arrested a suspected foreign conman who intended to defraud a female pastor of $1700. The suspect posed as an international charity organisation worker. “He told the pastor he worked for “Robinson Donald” (...)
' The authors of the attack have vanished after committing the crime

Three people killed in an attack in southern Burundi

10-12-2016 The incident happened on 10 October night around 8 pm, in Bugarama municipality of Rumonge province in the south of Burundi. Sources on the ground say that a group of gunmen threw grenades and fired point blank at people who were drinking in a bar belonging to the Head (...)
' Many people have been victims of extra-judicial killings since last year

Death penalty abolition under threat in Burundi

10-10-2016 No death penalty in Burundi since 2009. But extrajudicial killings are common. Additionally, there are signs that the penalty might be reintroduced. As the world celebrates the World Day against Death Penalty, the abolition of the penalty in Burundi is threatened by the prevalence of extrajudicial killings and hints (...)