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This body calls for our attention

08-08-2016 Nothing shows that the body discovered by Iwacu was that of journalist Jean Bigirimana. We will soon be well-informed. But whoever he is, he deserves to be buried. After three consecutive days of investigations on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, Iwacu journalists finally found a body in the area where (...)
' Carina Tert most shocksakian“Theing is the apparent indifference of authorities”

“The most shocking is the apparent indifference of authorities”

08-05-2016 Carina Tertsakian, the head of Burundi program at Human Rights Watch reacts to the abduction of our colleague and estimates that the police should do their job. What is your analysis two weeks after the abduction of Jean Bigirimana? Human Rights Watch is deeply concerned about the disappearance of (...)
' Pierre Claver Mbonimpa

Pierre Claver Mbonimpa urges Burundians not to give in to divisions

08-04-2016 The prominent human rights activist, APRODH chairman, advises Burundians to shun divisions and revenge. “Keep courage and say no to temptations to ethnic divisions, as well as to hate and all kinds of incendiary speeches regardless of where they come from”. That is a piece of advice to Burundian (...)
' Philippe Nzobonariba

Burundi stands against the UN police peacekeepers’ deployment

08-03-2016 “Burundi is astonished to hear about the precipitated pathway of the UN Security Council to vote for the 2303 resolution”, declares Philippe Nzobonariba, the spokesperson of the Burundian Government in the statement issued on 2 August. The Council adopted on 29 July a new resolution with a recorded vote (...)
' Hunt for Burundian journalists

Hunt for Burundian journalists

08-03-2016 After Boaz Ntaconayigize, a journalist at Radio Bonesha FM exiled in Uganda was assaulted by four men armed with knives near his residence; the Chairman of Burundian Journalists Union (UBJ) expresses his deep concern about the escalation of violations of journalists’ rights up to their places of refuge. In (...)
' Burundi Police Unit back home from CAR

Burundi Police Unit back home from CAR

08-01-2016 The Burundi police mission in Central African Republic terminates their peacekeeping mandate. They are all expected to arrive in Bujumbura this 1st August. Some organizations appreciate the decision taken by the UN. About 280 Burundi police peacekeepers in Central African Republic are to be back to Burundi this Monday, (...)
' Jean, writing an article

Confusion around an arrest

08-01-2016 Jean Bigirimana, the Iwacu Press group Journalist, was arrested and abducted in a vehicle on July 22, 2016 by unknown men in Bugarama. The police and the National Intelligence Service wash their hands of the act. Evidence suggests otherwise. The news came on Friday, July 22 at 4:13 p.m (...)
' Burundian Journalists longing to know where Jean Bigirimana is

Iwacu calls for witnesses

07-28-2016 Six days after the missing of our colleague Jean Bigirimana since Friday, 22 July 2016, Iwacu Press Group calls for witnesses. Indeed, in order to help the Burundian justice conduct an investigation over the missing of our colleague, Iwacu invites anyone who might hold information about either the circumstances (...)
' Usalama III: Burundi Police announced the results of its operation

Usalama III: Burundi Police announced the results of its operation

07-27-2016 In a press statement released on the 26th July, the police director general Andre Ndayambaje said that “Usalama III”, a joint operation which targets human and drug trafficking , illegal migration , vehicle theft , small arms and light weapons proliferation, crimes against the environment , terrorism and fugitives (...)
' Noé Ntigirankabo lying in the middle of street after being seriously beaten.

Woe to him who bumps into a dignitary’s escort

07-22-2016 A bus driver was beaten up and then jailed for hitting a pick-up of the Minister of Public Security’s guard on Thursday 14 July. The victim’s family is surprised by such a treatment for a mere traffic accident. “Cars collided in the roundabout opposite the former Novotel Hotel. The (...)