' Burundian soldiers on parade in Bujumbura

23 officers dismissed from the Burundian army

06-01-2017 According to a presidential decree issued on 26 May, 23 officers have been dismissed from the Burundi National Defense Forces. They are accused of deserting Burundian army. One of dismissed officers accuses the government of repressing the soldiers of the former armed forces (ex FAB). The spokesman for the (...)
' Local administrative officials in CAR visit the Burundi peacekeeping contingent

Burundi troops make “big sacrifice” in UN peacekeeping mission, says army spokesman

05-30-2017 The Burundi army says its troops contribute in UN peacekeeping missions at a high price, including giving up lives. As the world celebrated the International Day of UN peacekeepers on Tuesday, Burundi army said “Burundi military plays an important role in peacekeeping missions in which they pay a big (...)
' Kamenge area chief, Espérence Hakizimana says she was inside her home with her guests when the attack occurred.

Eight people injured in grenade attack in northern Bujumbura

05-22-2017 Residents of Kamenge say they are perplexed by the escalating violence in their area. At least eight people were injured in a grenade explosion on Saturday evening in Kamenge area, northern Bujumbura, police source says. The grenade exploded in front of the home of Kamenge area chief, Espérence Hakizimana. (...)
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Deutsche Welle Journalist detained in DRC, family says

05-21-2017 A Burundian journalist working for Deutsche Welle, Antideteste Niragira called his family at midday on 19 May to tell them he had been arrested by intelligence agents in DRC. The family believes he is being held in dungeons controlled by the intelligence services in South Kivu, across the border (...)
' Police accuse Amizero y’Abarundi MP of supporting criminals

Police accuse Amizero y’Abarundi MP of supporting criminals

05-18-2017 The police spokesman accuses Térence Manirambona, MP elected in the political coalition Amizeroy’Abarundi of supporting a group of criminals responsible for many crimes committed in Gitega. The MP rejects these accusations which he describes unfounded. The police announced yesterday the dismantling of a group of criminals. According to police (...)
' Three people killed in grenade attack in Musaga

Three people killed in grenade attack in Musaga

05-18-2017 Cédric Kwizera, Reagan Ndayizeye and Audifax Harerimana have been killed in a grenade attack in the night of 17 May 2017, in Gikoto area of Musaga southern neighborhood of the capital Bujumbura. “They were with their friend they had come to visit when an unidentified criminal threw a grenade (...)
' Bujumbura Residents from neighborhoods where protests took place fear the draft bill to be revised targets their areas

Bujumbura residents gripped by fear over night search without warrant

05-16-2017 During the cabinet meeting from 10 to 12 May, the Minister of Justice presented a draft bill on the revision of the code of criminal procedure. For some serious offenses that are exhaustively enumerated, the search warrant is not required and the night search is also authorized. “We fear (...)
' Journalists were allowed to take images of the workshop.

Military cooperation helps modernise Burundi army

05-10-2017 The Military cooperation helps Burundi troops acquire knowledge they could not get otherwise. Military cooperation with foreign countries helps members of Burundi armed forces get training that it is not offered in the country. Some of the countries that have military cooperation with Burundi assist in “training our troops (...)
' Radar guns were first used in Burundi on the eve of 2016 year ending festivities.

Speed limit violation, first cause of road accidents in Burundi

05-10-2017 Breaking speed limit causes the majority of traffic accidents in a country that has no sufficient strategies to manage speed. Excessive speed is responsible for most of car accidents nationally, police say. Speed mixed with driving under the influence and the absence of law enforcement officers in the streets (...)
' Mayor tightens security following killings in Kamenge

Mayor tightens security following killings in Kamenge

05-06-2017 At least two people were killed and a dozen injured in attacks by unknown armed men in Kamenge neighborhood in the capital Bujumbura over two weeks. The Bujumbura city mayor has taken measures to secure the area. On 4 May around 8 am, a father of three children, Jean (...)