' Musaga zone, where the two arrested local chiefs were working

Two local chiefs arrested in Muha commune

09-12-2017 The National Intelligence Service-SNR arrested two local chiefs from Musaga zone of Muha commune in the capital Bujumbura. They were later transferred to Mpimba prison after a trial.The motive behind their arrest is still unclear. Ntahombasigiye Emmanuel, Kinanira I district chief and Ntimpirangeza Alexis, Gitaramuka district chief are the (...)
' Pierre Nkurikiye: “ Cases of robbery and criminality have increased compared to the previous month”

Criminal rate slightly increased in August, say police

09-01-2017 The Ministry of Public security reported that the security situation was generally good throughout the country in August. Pierre Nkurikiye, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Public security said, without giving many details, that the crime rate slightly increased due to cases of robbery and criminality compared to the (...)
' A crowd of people rush to get biometric driving license before the set deadline

Drivers without biometric driving license to be fined BIF 2,000 per day

08-29-2017 August 31st is the deadline for the use of a former driving licence. Drivers who don’t have a biometric driving license will be fined BIF 2, 000 for every extra day from September 1st.They demand additional time. The traffic regulation police are in the process of renewing the local (...)
' Burundian refugees in Lusenda camp in DR Congo.

Time not yet right to return to Burundi, say refugees in DRC

08-26-2017 The United Nation Deputy High Commissioner for Refugees visited the Burundian refugees’ camp of Lusenda, in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), on 24 August. She hoped to hear from refugees how they wished to return to Burundi. Instead, the refugees said that the insecurity that led them to (...)
' The burnt office of Regideso

One of Regideso offices caught fire

08-23-2017 Fire broke out in the office of the company in charge of supplying water and electricity-REGIDESO in Bujumbura city in the morning of this August 23rd 2017. The acting director of the company gives a temporary report of damages and says a commission has been set up to investigate (...)
' Soldiers of the 45th battalion at Bujumbura International Airport before flying to Somalia

130 Burundian soldiers fly to Mogadishu for peace keeping mission

08-22-2017 Burundi National Defence Forces serving with AMISOM has carried out a rotation of troops for a peace keeping mission in Somalia on August 22nd 2017. The 44th and 45th battalions replace the 38th and 39th battalions that have just accomplished their one year mission. 130 soldiers from the 45th (...)
' Several people were wounded in a grenade attack in Buyenzi area of Bujumbura

Death toll reaches six in seven days

08-21-2017 At least six bodies were discovered in different parts of Burundi over the past week. Some people have been arrested for investigative reasons. On 20 August, a dead body was discovered on Gitongo hill of Mutaho Commune in Gitega central province. Rogatien Gahungu, the victim, was the bicycle taxi (...)
' Col. Gaspard Baratuza:« Those who perpetrated attacks are simple bandits”

Rwanda will not participate in EAC military games and cultural events

08-21-2017 Burundi will host the 11th session of East African Community military games and cultural events since August 26th 2017. All EAC member states will be present in the competition except Rwanda. Preparations for this competition have started since February but Rwanda did not take part in them. “Since February, (...)
' blessé de Buyenzi

One killed and 29 other injured in grenade attack in Bujumbura

08-18-2017 A grenade attack in Bujumbura killed one person and injured 29 others yesterday evening in Buyenzi, central Bujumbura. The police arrested three suspects for investigation. On Thursday 17 August at around 8 pm, unknown assailants threw one grenade at each of two traditional bars selling banana wine on the (...)
' Governor of Bubanza Province

Governor of Bubanza narrowly escaped from ambush

08-16-2017 The Governor of Bubanza ran into an ambush staged by unidentified armed people in the evening of Tuesday 15 August. The incident took place in Gihanga Commune along Bujumbura-Cibitoke road, in the west of Burundi. Police say no one was killed or injured in the attack. Gunfire was heard (...)