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Residents of Mabayi gripped by fear

The presence of heavily armed Rwandan soldiers at the border is causing fear among the population of the neighboring area with Rwanda. The administration reassures and calls on the population to identify any new people in the area.

Ruhororo residents hardly conduct their daily activities

The inhabitants of Ruhororo, Miremera, Gitukura localities of Ruhororo area and those of Rutorero and Gafumbegeti localities of Butahana area, close to the Kibira Natural Reserve in Mabayi commune of Cibitoke province in the northwest, report the presence of heavily armed Rwandan military at the border between Burundi and Rwanda.

This population fears that the war is likely to break out between the two countries. They say that Burundians do not cross the border to go to trade or conduct other business activities in Rwanda and vice versa. “No one dares to fetch water in the Ruhwa River,” they add.

Fear is also growing in schools. Some school officials, teachers and students say they fear that security may be disrupted at any time.
The population and school officials urge the administrative and security authorities to strengthen the security measures in these areas bordering with Rwanda.

“Identify each new suspected person,” orders Pascal Basarurwuzuye, administrator of Mabayi commune. He asks the population to identify visitors arguing that some among them may contribute to peace and security disruption.

Mr. Basarurwuzuye reassures these residents living near the border with Rwanda, stressing that all security measures have already been taken to ensure that peace and security are not disturbed throughout Mabayi commune and more precisely at the border. “The border is well guarded by the military and nobody can cross the country to attack them,” he says.

Written by Jackson Bahati and translated by

Lorraine Josiane Manishatse