' Nestor Bankumukunzi: "The law cannot be retrospective"

Diploma required to journalists arouse controversy in National Assembly

04-20-2018 The National Assembly analyzed on 19 April, a bill revising the law on the press. Article 7 of the bill requires media professional to hold at least a bachelor’s degree in journalism. MPs worry that some journalists will be dismissed. Agathon Rwasa, First deputy-speaker of the National Assembly deplores (...)
' Ambassador Thomas Strieder: “It takes courage to continue informing people about what’s happening in the country despite challenges”

Iwacu represents media freedom in Burundi, says Germany Ambassador

04-18-2018 During a visit that he conducted to IWACU Press Group on 17 April, Mr. Thomas Strieder, Ambassador of Germany to Burundi has said “Iwacu represents media freedom in the country.” Ambassador Strieder has said he appreciates the work done by Iwacu despite a number of challenges.”It takes courage to (...)
' Antoine Kaburahe: “Since the launch of Iwacu, 10 years ago, this space that is part of our media, allowed our readers to react freely to our information.”

CNC suspends commentary column of Iwacu newspaper

04-12-2018 Burundi Media Regulator CNC has suspended this Wednesday, April 11, 2018, the online commentary column of Iwacu newspaper for three months. Iwacu newspaper direction says to be saddened by the decision. “Iwacu has gone against professional standards, the reason why CNC decides to suspend the column for three months (...)
' Jean Pierre Nimbona admitted to the emergency room for intensive care

Kidumu suspects to have been poisoned

03-28-2018 Jean Pierre Nimbona also known as Kidumu, the famous Burundian singer and songwriter performing in Nairobi-Kenya, says he would have been poisoned. Admitted to an emergency room at “Polyclinique Centrale de Bujumbura”, in Bujumbura City Center, Kidumu says he suspects to have taken a poisoned meal shared with his (...)
' Freddy Sabimbona: “Burundian theater is progressing”.

Theater in Burundi: Sector that is progressing nowadays

03-28-2018 While the world celebrates the Theater Day every March 27, Freddy Sabimbona, actor, director, producer and the founding director of the satirical comedy group “Troupe Lampyre” says there is remarkable evolution of the theater in Burundi these days. “The number of people who go to the theater has significantly (...)
' Nestor Bankumukunzi: “The Ministry of Communication plans to set up a technical commission that will indicate the coverage roadmap to the referendum”

Referendum vote: Burundian media professionals urged to work in synergy

03-27-2018 Nestor Bankumukunzi, Minister of Communication, Information and Technologies has met, this 26 March, all representatives of media organizations, leaders of the National Media Council and the National Independent Electoral Commission. They have discussed the role of the media in the constitutional amendment process. “Media professionals play a great role (...)
' Jean-Claude Nshimirimana: «There were SNR and provincial education officials in the governor's office»Jean-Claude Nshimirimana: «There were SNR and provincial education officials in the governor's office»

Isanganiro journalist in eastern province forbidden to do his job

02-08-2018 Jean Claude Nshimirimana, Radio Isanganiro correspondent in Ruyigi eastern province is no longer allowed to report in that locality. The decision has been taken by Ruyigi Governor, Hassan Abdallah, this 7 February. Mr Abdallah had summoned journalist Jean-Claude Nshimirimana to shed light on his report related to “2020 Elections (...)
' Félicien Minani, Legal representative of FEMI de Jaba   Foundation

Towards “Encyclopedia” of Burundian music

02-01-2018 The Ministry of Culture in collaboration with the foundation ‘FEMI’ de Jaba has officially launched this 31 January the “Encyclopedia” of Burundian music. It will allow musicians and Burundian music to be known in the world. “The encyclopedia of Burundi music will compile the biographies of all Burundian musicians, (...)
' Rosette Irambona: “Burundi is deeply concerned about culture preservation”

Burundi must promote and preserve culture like other African countries

01-25-2018 While the world celebrates the first edition of the Day dedicated to African and Afro-descendant Culture this January 24, the ministry of culture appeals to the youth to preserve and promote the Burundian culture. Rosette Irambona, Spokesperson for the ministry of culture, says Burundi is deeply concerned about the (...)
' Aaron Tunga

Save “Aaron Tunga”

01-23-2018 This musician and arranger with dual nationality (Burundian-Canadian) must have an operation in India. Burundian and Rwandan singers and artists are mobilizing to have him treated. Producers and musicians from Burundi and Rwanda are mobilizing for a fundraising campaign to save Aaron Tunga’s life. Burundian cultural journalists are also (...)
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