Burundian youth complain about lack of support

While the International Youth Day is observed every year on 12 August to draw attention to youth issues worldwide, Burundian youth complain about the lack of support from their elders.

Over 55% of Burundian youth are unmployed

Over 55% of Burundian youth are unmployed

“It is getting more and more difficult to find a job. After the academic journey, I became jobless for 2 years before I got a short-term job. The latter helped me create a small business. There is no hope for a better future because I cannot even get a bank loan,” says Alan, a graduate in the faculty of arts and social sciences at the University of Burundi.

Eric Ndayikengurukiye, national coordinator of a National coalition of the youth’s associations, says the youth have the problem of having access to bank loans because they cannot get mortgages. “There was a project of setting up a bank of investment for the youth in the ministry of youth. The youth are still waiting. That project would help them to have access to credits and then do small business instead of being jobless”.

Ndayikengurukiye also calls on the government to readjust the academic curricula to today’s reality. “There is a mismatch between the academic training and the job market. The youth are trained to be job seekers instead of training them to be job creators”.

He also says there is a need of effective communication between the government, the youth and NGOs so as to make a list of the youth’s needs and work together for their development and that of the country in general.

Faustin Ndikumana, chairman of a local NGO aiming at awakening people’s conscience and changing their mentality-PARCEM, says everyone’s responsibility is needed so as to reduce the youth unemployment. “The youth have to make sure they use their talents and avoid political manipulation.

The government has to implement policies that help young people develop their innovations,” he says.
Evelyne Butoyi, Minister of Youth, Sports and Information Technology says the government is aware of the youth’s needs and is setting up projects to support them. “The bank of investment for the youth is the government’s concern and will start soon. The youth centers have also been created throughout the country to reinforce networking between young people”.

Butoyi also calls on young people who have problems or who seek advice to come to the ministry of youth. “There is a department of partnership which can help them tackle some questions”.
According to a survey carried out by some local NGOs, the youth represent 75% of the whole population and over 55% are unemployed.

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