Burundi: UN Special Envoy urges government to maintain inclusive dialogue

Addressing the UN Security Council on 9 August, Michel Kafando, UN Special Envoy of the Secretary General for Burundi says two major activities should be undertaken to find solutions to the current political issues. “Political parties should work together to create a new political environment which leads to consolidation of unity and peace”, he says.

Members of the UN Security Council discussed the situation in Burundi in its 8325 sessions

Members of the UN Security Council discussed the situation in Burundi in its 8325 sessions

In addition, he says, leaders of political parties should particularly take the opportunity to adopt the 3 August roadmap for the 2020 elections. The Special Envoy urges the Burundi government to maintain and ensure that all stakeholders will attend the forthcoming session of the Inter-Burundian dialogue.

In his briefing, Mr. Kafando noted the improvement of the security situation since the 17 May national referendum on the new Constitution which was approved by nearly 73%.
“Since the constitutional referendum, the situation has remained calm apart from some objections by the opposition,” he said, all the while encouraging the government to “remain vigilant”. Michel Kafando plans to visit Burundi in the next October to see how Burundi government can continue the dialogue process.

Albert Shingiro, Permanent Representative of Burundi to UN Security Council says beyond the commendable efforts of the East African Community, Burundi has a Permanent Forum of Political Parties which is an excellent platform for dialogue between the authorized political parties in Burundi. “It is in this context that all the political parties met in the north of Burundi on August 3 to officially discuss the important issues of the 2020 elections”, he says.

The current crisis in Burundi began in April 2015, when President Nkurunziza began his campaign for a disputed third-term in office, triggering protests and a failed coup attempt.

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