Burundi government increases gasoline and diesel prices

Prices per liter of gasoline and diesel at the gas pump respectively increase from BIF 2, 250 to 2,400 and from BIF 2,250 to 2,350 since August 8. Oil price remains unchanged.

Gas pump attendant asks BIF 2400 per liter of gasoline

Gas pump attendant asks BIF 2400 per liter of gasoline

Côme Manirakiza, the Minister of Energy says the fuel price increases is relative to the increase in the price of a barrel on the international market. He says Burundi has been forced to comply.

According to Noël Nkurunziza, spokesman for the Burundian Association of Consumers (ABUCO), this measure will have some very harmful effects on Burundians’ living conditions. It will imply rising food prices on the market, tickets on public transit….

Nkurunziza regrets that the ministry in charge of fuels did not associate consumers in the meeting before making the decision: “Nevertheless, such a measure should be the result of a wide consultation”.
Authorities should reduce taxes on fuels instead of increasing their prices since Burundians are living in poor financial conditions,” says Nkurunziza.

He recommends fuel importers to favor the lake route: “It is cheaper compared to the road. Nkurunziza deplores the fact that the authorities are not taking measures inciting importers to exploit Lake Tanganyika.
The last measure to increase fuel prices was taken on January 19.

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