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Survivors of Rukaramu massacre demand right to visit grave in Bujumbura airport

The secretary general of the association of survivors of Rukaramu massacre-AREMARU, calls on the government to help them have the right to enter Bujumbura International Airport and hold a service in remembrance of their dead. Christophe Ntawuyankira, secretary general of AREMARU, says they live in deep sorrow as they have no right to approach where […] (...)

Buterere Technical School legal representative arrested over education ministry accusations

The legal representative of Buterere Technical School was arrested this December 25, 2018. The ministry of education accuses him of disappearing with the students’ files. Edouard Juma, spokesman for the ministry of education says Buterere Technical School legal representative disappeared during the investigation into the cheating case that occurred in his school. He also says […] (...)

Education ministry worried about high school dropouts

Over 280.600 cases of dropouts are recorded at the national level during the 2017-2018 school year. The ministry of education is concerned about the phenomenon. Juma Edouard, spokesperson for the ministry of education, says the ministry has run a campaign to sensitize people to two phenomena that threaten the education sector in Burundi. “From 19 […] (...)

Christmas celebrations not so popular this year

On the eve of Christmas celebrations, sellers complain about the lack of customers. “There isn’t any sign which shows that Christmas is tomorrow. On such a day, there used to be a lot of clients and movement of people buying food stuff in the market. I am still waiting, maybe they will do the shopping […] (...)

Gitega town to become political capital of Burundi

The Council of Ministers which was held at Gitega presidential palace this December 21, 2018 has adopted the bill setting the political capital of Burundi in Gitega province and the economic capital in Bujumbura city. Jean Claude Karerwa Ndenzako, spokesman for the President of Burundi, says the meetings of the Council of Ministers will from […] (...)

“Burundi withdrawal from EAC would be big loss” says corruption watchdog

Gabriel Rufyiri chairman of OLUCOME, a local corruption watchdog, says there will be consequences for the country and Burundians if Burundi withdraws from the East African Community -EAC. “With the integration into the EAC, Burundi has benefited from the free movement of people and goods within the community,” he says. He also says the country […] (...)

Cases of school dropout alarming among Muslims girls

In a study conducted by the Alliance of Imams of the Northern Corridor for Humanitarian Development-AICNDH, Muslim girls are reported to drop out of school. Amina Léonie Baramfataniye, is a member of AICNDH and one among those who facilitated the inquiry in three provinces where there are more Muslim families. She says Muslim girls are […] (...)

ASF Burundi to close its office in Bujumbura by December 31

Avocats Sans Frontières–ASF, a foreign NGO involved in defending human rights and access to justice says it will close its office in Bujumbura by December 31, 2018. In a note made public this 17 December, ASF-Lawyers Without Borders- has said it is not able to continue working in Burundi. “After careful consideration, we believe that […] (...)

Ombudsman concerned over correspondences between Uganda and Burundi presidents

After a meeting with different presidents of commissions and councils of human rights operating in Burundi this 13 December 2018, Burundi Ombudsman has said he is concerned about the recent exchange of letters between the presidents of Uganda and Burundi. Edouard Nduwimana, Burundi Ombudsman, says the president of Uganda wants to show to his Burundian […] (...)

Burundi: Attorney General reacts to BBC report about human rights violation

In a press conference held this December 12, 2018, the Attorney General of the Republic refuted the accusations made in a video report by the BBC. On December 4, the British television channel BBC aired a video in which Burundi security services are accused of running secret torture and detention sites to silence the opposition. […] (...)



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