World Islamic League Secretary General appeals for coexistence in diversity

The Secretary General of the World Islamic League calls on Burundians to foster ethnic and religious diversity and peaceful coexistence in their country.

Bin Abdul Karim Al –Issa: “Whenever a group of people tried to impose its beliefs, it resulted in war”.

Bin Abdul Karim Al – Issa, Secretary General of the World Islamic League says Burundians should learn to live in harmony despite ethnic and religious differences. “Whenever a group of people tried to impose its beliefs, there was catastrophic results causing war and unending conflicts. This is the cause of painful past that Burundi has gone through.”

He says Burundians are lucky to have many things in common and should take advantage of this to live in harmony. “Burundians should take advantage of their shared culture and values to live in total harmony”.

Bin Abdul Karim Al –Issa says it is his mission as a religious leader to call for peaceful coexistence among people.

As for Gaston Sindimwo, First Vice President, he says he recognizes the contribution of Muslims in peace consolidation and their attitudes in war time. “Even during the past war, Buyenzi and Swahili neighborhoods, which are mainly made of Muslim inhabitants, hosted a lot of refugees”.

Burundi Ombudsman says the visit of the Secretary General of the World Islamic League to Burundi will help him discover how Burundi is peaceful. He says Bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa will meet several political and religious figures to explain the role of the Islamic world league in the consolidation of friendship, brotherhood and solidarity.

The Secretary General of the Islamic League arrived in Bujumbura on Sunday, January 13, 2019. He was welcomed by Edouard Nduwimana, the Burundian Ombudsman. In collaboration with the ombudsman office, they held a workshop on religious and ethnic diversity and positive cohabitation this Tuesday 15, 2019.