Traders in Musaga newly rehabilitated market not satisfied with new stands

Musaga rehabilitated market in Muha commune has opened this Thursday, June 28th. Some traders say they are not satisfied with the stands they got because they are very small and others are exposed to the sun.

Traders occupying Musaga newly rehabilitated market

Traders occupying Musaga newly rehabilitated market

“This stand is very small. I used to have enough space for my goods before. The same stand has been divided into 3 and given to 3 people. How will I put all my goods in such a small stand?” wonders Anna, a woman met at Musaga market adding that some of her goods will be subject to ruin.
“My suitcases are likely to get damaged because there is not enough place where they should be kept. Children’s clothes for sale are exposed to the sun as well,” she says.

Another complaint is that traders who have no identification cards and those who pay taxes on daily basis have uncovered stands. “We have been given uncovered stands while most of us are women with children.Two weeks ago my child was hospitalized due to malaria. If I’m still exposed to this sun, he will fall sick again,” she said asking the administration to cover their stands.

Magnus Niyokindi, Musaga market commissioner, says the size of the stands was reduced so that all traders could have stands. “The size of the stands was reduced in agreement with traders. The size of the rehabilitated market was reduced because of the introduction of new infrastructures and big alleys,” he says.

Niyokindi says the market contains a 5 m tarpaulin, public and administrative latrines, a place for garbage storage, taps reserved for the cleaning of some commodities such vegetables and fresh fish.
Musaga market is one of the six markets which were rehabilitated thanks to the EU aid equivalent to 4 million Euros. Traders who were operating in those markets were asked to relocate in January 2016.