Persistent fall in foreign currencies causes concerns

12-16-2019 The foreign currency stock keeps tumbling down. The Burundi National Bank-BRB explains that this decrease is caused by the decrease in external donations. According to an expert, the current level of currencies reveals that the country’s economy is in danger. He calls on the state to ask for an (...)

Afforestation situation in Burundi alarming, environmentalist warns

11-15-2019 “The 2020 forecast says Burundi has a deficit of 3,325,000 cubic meters of woods. That is to say, Burundi would have 1,031,000 ha of forest in 2020, which corresponds to 38.81% of the Burundi area,” warns Jacques Nkengurutse, an environmental expert. It was in a workshop organized on November (...)

The Red Cross to improve first aid services in Burundi

09-13-2019 On the occasion of the World First Aid Day celebrated yearly on September 14th, the Red Cross Burundi has said there is a need to improve first aid services in the country. Anselme Katiyunguruza, Secretary General of the Red Cross in Burundi says first aid services are not enough (...)

CVR calls on population to give testimonies

09-03-2019 “The Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) will only find the truth about the crimes committed in Burundi when the population in general and sociopolitical actors in particular agree to offer testimonies, to say what they saw, what they did and what they experienced. This is the major dimension to (...)

ActionAid concerned about good management of natural resources

08-16-2019 “The mining sector influences the living standard, the socio-economic and financial life of countries,” said André Ndereyimana, Policy Advocacy, Research and Communications Advisor at ActionAid Burundi. It was this Friday, August 16th, during a workshop of validation of the study on the ”mobilization of internal resources and the management (...)

Exclusive interview with Faustin Ndikumana: “Our analyzes disturb”

07-01-2019 For the first time after the suspension of his organization, the President of PARCEM, a local NGO involved in changing people’s mindset, has spoken to the media. He does not understand this sudden and extreme measure. For him, PARCEM’s analytical work based on unquestionable facts was rather more useful (...)

EU encourage dialogue with Burundi

05-10-2019 On the occasion of the celebration of the Europe Day this 9 May, Wolfram Vetter, the EU Ambassador to Burundi has admitted that the relations between Burundi and the European Union have not been harmonious over the past three years. He argues that opportunities were not always seized in (...)

Together, let’s value women’s work!

03-17-2019 As part of the activities organized for the celebration of the day dedicated to women’s rights this Friday March 15, the NGO Action Aid held an exchange workshop with the actors in the protection of women’s rights. The theme was “The woman at the center of innovative programs of (...)

Women leaders called on to help others in joining associations

03-11-2019 All the women who attended the campaign for the promotion of women’s work in Bujumbura launched by Action Aid recognize the importance of grouping together into associations for their empowerment. Associations equip their members with knowledge in relation to their rights and introduce them to income generating activities. They (...)

Action Aid launches campaign to promote women’s work

03-11-2019 “Women are the pillars of the family, community and economy. Their work within and outside their families contributes to the society’s development and well-being,” said Béata Musabyemariya, Country Director of Action Aid. She said that in the morning of Monday, 11 March 2019, in Bujumbura at the launch of (...)