Together, let’s value women’s work!

As part of the activities organized for the celebration of the day dedicated to women’s rights this Friday March 15, the NGO Action Aid held an exchange workshop with the actors in the protection of women’s rights. The theme was “The woman at the center of innovative programs of social protection “.

Béata Musabyemariya: “This campaign is in correlation with the choice of the government which decided to prioritize the development of the woman and the social protection in the national development program by2028”

Women’s work is not appreciated as it should be. Their rights are sometimes violated and there is no evident compensation for their work. They must constantly struggle to be valued, better considered, and so on.

This, because there are legislation gaps on the protection of their work, a point highlighted by Albert Arakaza in his presentation on “WOMEN’S ACCESS TO SUSTAINABLE PUBLIC SERVICES AND INFRASTRUCTURE».
Mr Arakaza believes that all stakeholders and the government should put in place laws protecting women while doing their work. “It’s vital for the economic growth because it is their work that keeps the national economy running at more than 90 %».

Participants in the workshop had a similar opinion. Renilde Ndayishimiye, a senator elected in Bujumbura province, demands that an emphasis be also placed on men sensitization.”In most cases, they are responsible for these inequalities. For this, much needs to be done so that they understand that there must not be a double standard policy at the level of salaries,” she said
As a reminder, this campaign started on 8 March and will end on 22 March.