Three accommodation houses classified as five star hotels in Burundi

Out of 37 classified hotels at the national level, only three were rated five star hotels. They are all located in Bujumbura town.

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Tourism has announced that this Friday 1 March, the results of identification and classification of hotels in Burundi.

Jean Marie Niyokindi: “Assessors followed the framework established and approved by the East African Community”.

Jean Marie Niyokindi, Minister of Tourism, says a group of three assessors evaluated the hotels and gave marks following a number of criteria. “They have to observe the buildings carefully, measure the size of the rooms and appreciate the quality of curtains, tablecloths as well as bed sheets,” he says, adding that they have also taken photos to appreciate and give a note following the framework established and approved by the East African Community.

Mr. Niyokindi, says every star was marked by given marks following the above mentioned criteria and adds that the ministry will continue the work. “64 tourist accommodation establishments were visited in eleven provinces and 37 were classified, including 22 in Bujumbura town, 5 in Ngozi, 3 in Gitega, 3 in Kayanza, 2 in Karusi, 1 in Muyinga and 1 in Muramvya”.

The classification criteria were established and adopted in 2009, followed by the training and certification of assessors, the inventory of 596 Burundi accommodation establishments with a capacity of 7394 rooms and beds, raising awareness and popularizing the classification criteria throughout the country. The classification of the accommodation tourist establishments was initiated to guarantee the quality of care following the international standards and to modernize the hotels and restaurants of the community in conformity with the East African Community norms and standards.