Political parties’ forum concerned over youth coexistence during election period

The forum of political parties held a meeting with political party leaders to discuss the youth manipulation during the election period.

Félicien Nduwuburundi: Young people are manipulated during the election period

Félicien Nduwuburundi, president of political parties’ forum, says it has been observed that the youth are manipulated. “As you may have noticed in 2015, the youths were manipulated during the election period. Our project is to teach them how they should behave to avoid political manipulations and tensions caused by the victory of some and the defeat of others,” he says.

Mr. Nduwuburundi says the project will focus on the youths’ behavior before, during and after the elections. “All young people, regardless of their political parties, will be invited. They will be taught about preserving peace and security during the election period”.

He says this is the right time to inform the youth because the 2020 elections are approaching. “Young people have to learn to live together peacefully despite their different political opinions”.
While there are over 40 political parties in Burundi, intolerance between youths from different political parties has become apparent especially during the election periods over the past years.