CNTB warns people who will hamper its activities

The national commission for lands and other belongings (CNTB) has received over 20 thousands depositions all over the country. Dieudonné Mbonimpa, the spokesperson for this commission, says it when he has met with journalists this July 4, 2018.The commission warns people who will, in any way, disturb its work.

Dieudonné Mbonimpa: “Whoever will hinder the commission’s work will be punished”

Dieudonné Mbonimpa: “Whoever will hinder the commission’s work will be punished”

Mr Mbonimpa says the commission has noticed cases of people who made fraudulent claims for lands or other property that do not belong to them. “There are people who make claims for belongings that are not theirs. They have to be punished”.

Mbonimpa says there are other people who do not want to collaborate with the commission for different reasons. “Some do not want to cooperate because of ignorance, or because they are against CNTB’s work and there are other people who want to confuse CNTB with false testimonies in its investigations”.

He says there are also people who do not respond to the invitation given to them so that the commission hears their complaints. “They refuse to meet the commission so as to delay the judgment. If they keep on refusing, decisions will be made while they are absent”.

He says all those people who will, by any means, hinder the commission’s work will be punished according to Articles 27 and 28 of the commission’s rules and regulations.
The commission congratulates conflicting parties that have found solutions amicably and encourages others to follow that good example.

Rumonge province is top of the list with 10 thousand depositions and is followed by Makamba province with 8 thousand cases while other provinces share 2400 remaining cases.

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