Increase in price of staple food in Bujumbura city

Prices of beans, rice, meat… have significantly increased in the last three months in Bujumbura city. The price of a kg of beans known as “yellow beans” has moved from BIF 1800 to BIF 2100 in the last three months. “We get food supplies at a high price and sell them at a high price,” said a trader of staple food met at Bujumbura City Market. He also said beans are somehow expensive as it isn’t the harvest period.

Staple food at Bujumbura City Market

Anicet Ndikumana, another trader said the price of imported rice from Tanzania has moved from BIF 2500 to BIF 2700. “The price of rice becomes expensive when we are approaching the end of the year holidays,” he said adding that the increase in price has been noticed since this November. He also said the imported rice is sold at BIF 3000 in different neighborhoods of Bujumbura city. “It becomes very expensive as traders operating inside the neighborhoods get their food supplies from the markets”, he added.

The situation is similar to the price of meat. The price has also increased these last months. A kg of meat costs BIF 10000. “It cost BIF 7000 three months ago”, deplored a butcher operating at Bujumbura City market. He said he just lost 30kg of meat due to the lack of customers within two days. “There is a glaring lack of customers. We work at a loss,” he said adding that the situation is due to the shortage of cows that come from the neighboring countries. “We ignore the motives behind,” he said.

Pierre Nduwayo, Chairman of Burundi Association of Consumers said the increase in price of staple food is often due to the cultural seasons. “Traders know that consumers must look for food supplies and speculate on the price”, he said. He exhorted the administrative officials to impose provisional measures to facilitate consumers.