CNL party member killed and four wounded in Muyinga, Police say

At least one member of the National Congress for Freedom (CNL) was killed and eight others wounded in an ambush staged by armed people. The incident took place in the night of 18 August in Rugari area in Muyinga commune of Muyinga province in northeastern Burundi. CNL party officials accuse youths of the ruling party CNDD-FDD of committing that crime.

Pierre Nkurikiye, spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security: “The investigation is underway to establish the truth about the incident”

Sources on the spot say that members of CNL party were ambushed by people armed with knives, machetes and cudgels on their return from Muyinga province chief town.
They had attended ceremonies of opening the party’s provincial office.

A CNL member who was part of an attacked group accuses the Imbonerakure, the youth of the ruling CNDD-FDD, of setting up this ambush.

“They were hidden in the bush. They surprised us when we were going home from political ceremonies held in Muyinga province to open the party’s office. The fighting subsequently began. One CNL member died on the spot and eight others were injured, “he says.

Frédéric Ntahondereye, the provincial secretary of CNL party says the crime was committed by the Imbonerakure. “Three arrested suspects have confessed that they are affiliated to the ruling party,” says Ntahondereye.

He deplores that CNL members are subjected to political persecution. “They should allow CNL party to conduct its political activities freely since it is officially approved,” he says adding that the party’s office that was just opened was vandalized in the same night. “Political intolerance should stop,” Mr Ntahondereye says.

Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security, says a CNL member was killed and four others wounded in clashes between the CNL members and unidentified armed people on 18 August.
According to Nkurikiye, four apprehended suspects explain that they defended themselves when they got attacked by CNL members who were returning home late at night from Muyinga province. “The investigation is underway to establish the truth about the incident,” says the spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security.