Burundian police to conduct more searches to secure 2020 elections

During the presentation of the ministry’s achievements for the last three months this October 10th, the Minister of Public Security has said the police will continue to carry out searches all over the country to make sure the 2020 elections are held in safety.

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni: “Police searches will be increased throughout the country in the upcoming months to make sure elections are held safely”

Alain Guillaume Bunyoni, Burundian Minister of Security says “special attention will be paid to the preparations for securing the 2020 elections” in the plans to be executed by the ministry of security in the next months.

“Searches will be multiplied in urban centers and the countryside in the upcoming months to avoid any potential disruption of the conduct of the elections,” he says.

Mr. Bunyoni says it is the police routine to conduct searches to prevent criminality. “Searches must continue in all localities of Bujumbura city and other provinces,” he adds.
He warns people who think that searches are only done in Bujumbura city and therefore carry their illegal weapons in the provinces.

The Minister of Security assures that police searches will be carried out according to the regulations of the security ministry and the law.

According to the report delivered by the Ministry of Security, at least 4130 searches were conducted by the police over the last three months.

During those searches, over 27 guns and other weapons were found and 2408 alleged criminals were arrested.

The same report states that over 59,000 liters of illegal alcohol were poured and 464 kilos of narcotics seized by the police.