Some students denounce torture by fellows on Mutanga campus every night

A number of students from the University of Burundi, Mutanga Campus, accuse their fellows affiliated to the ruling CNDD-FDD, also members of a joint security committee of torturing them. The victims demand that security be ensured by the police. The chief of the police station in charge of ensuring campus security rejects these allegations.

University of Burundi

University of Burundi

“On Sunday at around 10 p.m. when I returned to Mutanga campus, I met a group of more than 20 young people armed with clubs on campus. They ordered me to sit down and asked for my ID. After answering all their questions, they seriously beat me, “says a victim. This student indicates that he was accused of entering the campus late in the night. “They told me that things have changed at the University of Burundi,” said the victim adding that those who beat him said they were members of the joint security committee.

The victim who wished to remain anonymous was injured on the arms and buttocks. “My jaws were damaged, I cannot chew food anymore. The doctor decided to remove some teeth, “he says.

Another student who also spoke on condition of anonymity says at least two students are tortured by those who claim to ensure security on Mutanga campus every night.

Students demand that security be ensured by security forces not civilians. “The authorities of the University of Burundi would tell us if a curfew were imposed, says one of the students.

Célestin Nibona Bonansize, the police chief in charge of security on Mutanga Campus, rejects the victims’ allegations. “These so-called victims never told me that they were abused,” says Bonansize, adding that he is not aware that some students torture their fellows. He believes that students claiming to be victims of torture are politically manipulated.
He mentions that for a long time, after 9 p.m, all students must be on Campus through the main entrance. “It is forbidden to enter the campus through other entrances after 9 p.m.” he says.