Shortage of “Class” condoms in Bujumbura

The Shortage of “Class” condoms has been observed in the Burundian capital for months. People who prefer this brand don’t know the cause of this shortage. “Nobody has informed us,” says U.K, a young man living in Bwiza neighborhood, in the center of Bujumbura.

“Class” condoms are not available in many shops in Bujumbura

In this locality, customers complain that once they find these “Class” condoms, a three-piece pack that cost BIF600 currently costs BIF 1000. Shopkeepers do not know what caused this shortage of condoms.

In a pharmacy located in Bwiza, only one box of 10 packs is left. The pharmacy owner increased his stock as a precaution when he learned about the shortage. He and other pharmacy owners say that “Class” condoms are no longer available in wholesalers’ stocks.

Jean Bosco Girukwishaka, spokesman for the Ministry of Health says people should not worry because hospitals and health centers distribute condoms for free.He asks people who need them to get them gratis in health centers.
The Population Services International -PSI-Burundi which has the monopoly on “Class” condoms did not want to react on this shortage.