President Nkurunziza ranked as “patriotism guide”

Members of the cabinet have analyzed and approved a draft bill ranking President Pierre Nkurunziza as a “patriotism guide”, this 22 January. However, politicians disagree on this elevation…

President Pierre Nkurunziza

Gaston Sindimwo, First Deputy president says this is an honor for the country and its people. For him, it would be better to decorate him in the presence of all Burundians so that all the communities notice that Burundians acknowledge their good leaders and his achievements.

“Burundians and other people are accustomed to honoring deceased people. Burundi makes a difference by taking a good initiative to please their leaders when they are alive”, he says.
Mr. Sindimwo says President Pierre Nkurunziza spent many years by travelling the country and meeting the population. “He taught them how to live in harmony and patriotism”, he says adding that President Nkurunziza sacrifices himself for the better of the country.

As for Tatien Sibomana, a politician, the rank doesn’t specify his missions and limits. He, however, says things can change with the new members of the government. “It will be more difficult to his successor to always take any decision without consulting him”, he says adding that time will tell as all Burundians don’t share the same view with members of the cabinet.
On 22 January, members of the cabinet have analyzed and adopted a draft bill ranking President Pierre Nkurunziza as a “patriotism guide”. Prosper Ntahorwamiye has indicated President Nkurunziza shows an unequaled abnegation, commitment and exceptional devotion to the defense of national sovereignty. He also awakens people’s conscience to love their motherland.

Mr. Ntahorwamiye also added that President Nkurunziza deserves a special respect for the services rendered to Burundian people who decide to raise him to the rank of patriotism guide
On 21 January, MPs adopted a draft bill granting several allowances including a single allocation of BIF one billion, a luxury villa and several other allowances…