Population acknowledges bridge rehabilitation but complains about road quality

Three bridges have been recently rehabilitated in the northern part of Bujumbura city. The population from the neighbourhood appreciates this government’s initiative but asks it to rehabilitate the roads.

The newly rehabilitated bridge connecting Ngagara and Mutakura neighbourhoods

The newly rehabilitated bridge connecting Ngagara and Mutakura neighbourhoods

The rehabilitation of the bridges over Nyabagere River in Ntahangwa commune of Bujumbura city is acknowledged by the population in the neighbourhood. “The road was very narrow on this bridge and it was very difficult to ride as there was a heavy traffic”, says Déo Minani, a bicycle taxi rider met in Mutakura neighbourhood, nearby the rehabilitated bridge.

Janvier Mbazumutima, a watchman met at Kamenge primary school appreciates this initiative: “People used to have problems when it rained as the bridge was very narrow. The water had no channel and our school was often hit by heavy floods. Now that they made two overflowing channels, water can easily flow and our school is safe now”, he says.

Jean Marie Nimpagaritse, another inhabitant of Mutakura quarter near the bridge, acknowledges the initiative but appeals to the administration to rehabilitate roads as well. “There are potholes everywhere. They hamper the traffic. A driver can spend a whole hour in the road because of heavy traffic caused by potholes. It also requires much attention, otherwise one can bump into people trying to avoid them”, he says

Anicet, a small businessman operating near the rehabilitated bridge in Mutakura area, asks the administration to rehabilitate the road. “This road has been damaged. The administration should rush to rehabilitate it. Vehicles almost hit us trying to avoid potholes”, he says.

Félix Nsabimana, Cibitoke zone chief says he is happy and proud of the rehabilitated bridges in his zone. “The movement was not easy because of the heavy traffic caused by the road which was very narrow at the bridge level. All the bridges over Nyabagere River are now rehabilitated and this facilitates the traffic”, says Mr Nsabimana.

As for people’s complaints about potholes, Nsabimana says the administration is aware of the problem. He reassures that those roads will be rehabilitated as well.

“It is the government’s responsibility to build and rehabilitate roads. The administration is aware of the potholes. The road will be rehabilitated soon”, he says.

The three bridges that have been rehabilitated are over the Nyabagere River in cibitoke neighbourhood.