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Bicycle taxi rider killed by stray bullet, says Security Ministry

02-07-2019 After a bicycle taxi driver was shot dead in the capital Bujumbura on 5 February, the ministry of Public Security refers to the incident as a self-defense. The association of bicycle taxi drivers refutes the argument. Pierre Nkurikiye, Spokesman for the Ministry of Public Security says the bicycle-taxi rider (...)

Giheta: Disagreement on two monuments in memory of 1972 victims

10-01-2018 A new monument in memory of the victims of the genocide of Hutu ethnic group people in 1972 has just been erected in Nyambeho valley in Giheta, on the border between Gitega and Giheta communes. The surrounding population speaks about speculation. At the edge of Bujumbura-Gitega road, in the (...)

Population acknowledges bridge rehabilitation but complains about road quality

12-29-2017 Three bridges have been recently rehabilitated in the northern part of Bujumbura city. The population from the neighbourhood appreciates this government’s initiative but asks it to rehabilitate the roads. The rehabilitation of the bridges over Nyabagere River in Ntahangwa commune of Bujumbura city is acknowledged by the population in (...)

Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz: “Godsend for many”

06-15-2017 With electric plugs available to the public, free Wi-Fi connection, the neighboring population comes to take advantage of these free services. From 6p.m at Down Town Hotel Rutegama Jazz located at the University Avenue, in Bwiza central area of the capital Bujumbura, passers-by come to recharge their cell phones (...)

Bicycle-taxi drivers in Bujumbura city profit from fuel shortage

05-03-2017 Testimonies suggest bicycle-taxi drivers in Bujumbura city profit from the current fuel shortage that has rocked public transport services over the last two weeks. Drivers who are strong and willing to work hard report getting a daily income that relatively surpasses their earnings in normal times. “When public transport (...)

Bicycle taxi riders say license plate issue creates confusion

03-23-2017 Bicycle-taxi users in Bujumbura city say they are confused by people who call themselves members of Solidarity of Bicycle Taxi of Burundi [SOTAVEBU] and impose fines on bicycle taxi users without license plates. The Transport Minister had suspended the measure to purchase them. “Since last week, I was intercepted (...)

Burundi Transport Minister suspends measure to purchase plates for bicycle-taxi riders

01-04-2017 “We have learned that bicycle-taxi riders complained about the measure that was taken, forcing them to purchase number plates for their bicycles. We, then, decided to suspend the disputed measure, “said Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana Minister of Transport. He said the department in charge of controlling the transportation sector has (...)

Bicycle taxi riders complain of excessive charge

12-13-2016 Bicycle-taxi riders in Bujumbura are complaining about the price set by the city’s mayor for the purchase of their number plates. Bujumbura’s mayor has decided that every bicycle-taxi must buy a number plate for BIF 7500 before December 20th 2016. ‘’The number plate price is too expensive for us (...)

No more free parking in Bujumbura the capital

11-03-2016 From November 1st, all public parking spaces are charged for all cars in Bujumbura. This new measure imposed by the Bujumbura city mayor did not go down well with vehicle owners. Since the beginning of November, all the users of means of transport such as vehicles, motorcycles and bicycles (...)

Burundi bicycle taxi users must wear cardigans for identification

10-31-2016 This 31 October, all bicycle taxi drivers working in Bujumbura the capital have been assembled since morning at the office of the Association of Burundi Bicycle Taxi drivers – SOTAVEBU along “Boulevard du 1er Novembre” in Mukaza Commune. They have queued up to buy vests for their own identification. (...)