Over three million small ruminants vaccinated throughout Burundi

Following a sheep and goat plague that had struck Burundi for the first time in December 2017, the ministry of Agriculture and Livestock launched a vaccination campaign on April 9th which ended on May 29th. Déo Guide Rurema, Minister of Agriculture and Livestock, says to be satisfied with the achievements as over three millions of small ruminants have been vaccinated.

Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

Déo Guide Rurema: “3,058,150 goats and sheep were vaccinated all over the country

“3,058,150 goats and sheep have been vaccinated all over the country. The vaccination campaign targeted small ruminants which are three months old and which did not have any sign of the plague,” he says.

Mr Rurema has added that the vaccine’s reaction is not immediate. “I would like to inform everyone that the positive or negative acquisition of immunity is observed 21 days after vaccination,” he says.

The Agriculture and Livestock minister says emergency measures such as suspending the selling and buying of small ruminants and prohibiting the consumption of small ruminants’ meat especially in most affected areas, are still valid. “The ministry has counted 21 days after the last vaccination day and the measure is still effective till June 13, 2018,” he says.

An amount of USD3, 387,616 was collected from different partners of the Agriculture ministry so that small ruminants should be vaccinated.