Over 80% of fertilizers needed for 2020 B growing season distributed to farmers

“During this 2020 B growing season, fertilizers needed are estimated at 21, 613, 325 tons. 17, 549,390 tons, i.e. 81.2%, have already been distributed to farmers,” said Déo Guide Rurema Minister of the Environment, Agriculture and Livestock at a press conference held on 5 March.

Déo Guide Rurema, Agriculture Minister: “The process of distributing fertilizers is progressing normally”

He added that 92% of the most used fertilizer “Imbura” is already distributed.
Each province orders fertilizer according to its needs. He explains that Cankuzo Province is the first to have a large amount of fertilizer during this growing season B.

“213,950 tons against 138,750 ordered, i.e. 154.20 % is distributed,” he said while Bubanza Province received the smallest quantity compared to the quantity ordered with a rate of 66.89%.

The Agriculture Minister believes that the process of distributing fertilizers is progressing normally. He, however, denounces irregularities in the distribution of this product and speculation by some traders who hide fertilizers in their warehouses in order to sell them at exorbitant prices after shortage occurs.

“Some traders sell a 25 kg bag of fertilizers expected to cost BIF29, 000 at price ranging between BIF 60,000 and BIF 120,000. The Ministry is doing its best to combat them,” says Minister Rurema. He promises to find solutions to all those challenges.