UPRONA candidate for 2020 elections accuses CVR of being politically motivated

“We will amend laws governing the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (CVR) and the National Commission on Lands and other Properties once we win the elections,” announced Gaston Sindimwo, the First Vice-President of Burundi and UPRONA representative in the presidential elections of May 2020. It was at a press conference held after having submitted his candidacy file to the office of the electoral commission on 4 March.

Gaston Sindimwo, First Vice-President and candidate of UPRONA for the presidential elections filing his candidacy

He refutes CVR’s accusations that UPRONA party is responsible for the massacres against members of Hutu ethnic group committed in 1972.

“These accusations serve political interests. The UPRONA party is accused of being a Tutsi party. Everyone is aware that UPRONA is a party of all Burundians, “said the First Vice-President accusing CVR of being biased.

“CVR looks after political interests instead of seeking the truth about crimes the committed in Burundi,” said Gaston Sindimwo. According to him, CVR claims the 1972 massacres were committed by UPRONA party against the Hutu to prevent the latter from joining his party. We strongly condemn these speculations and reassures that UPRONA is open to all Burundians.

During the presentation of the report of the 1st phase of the activities of exhuming human remains started on 27 January, 2020, along Ruvubu River, in Shombo commune of Karusi province, Pierre Claver Ndayicariye, CVR chairman indicated that all the testimonies collected converge on the fact that the government ruled by UPRONA play a key role in the massacres of 1972.

Note that two independent candidates for the May 2020 elections namely Francis Rohero and Dieudonné Nahimana also submitted their candidacies to CENI on March 4.