Over 4300 Burundians to be immunized against Ebola

The Ministry of Public Health has begun a vaccination campaign against Ebola virus at Gatumba border post on 13 August.

Vaccination against Ebola started on 13 August

Beneficiaries are the front line health workers. Agents working for Burundi Revenue Authority, banks, soldiers and police officers operating in 21 districts prioritized in the preparation for the Ebola response will also be vaccinated.

The government is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO). About 4320 people are expected to be vaccinated in 21 concerned districts out of 47 identified districts in Burundi.

Walter Kazadi Mulombo, WHO representative in Burundi says the vaccination of health and front line staff is a significant step forward in preventing this disease. The Ebola vaccination campaign is part of Burundi’s preparation for a possible case of Ebola. The vaccine is used for humanitarian purposes to protect people most at risk of an Ebola outbreak.

“No cases of Ebola have been reported in Burundi, but the preparation remains crucial”, says Mr. Mulombo in a communiqué issued on 14 August.

Ebola virus disease was declared in the Democratic Republic of the Congo on 1 August 2018. According to WHO, the last numbers of Ebola cases until 12 August are 2837 including 1,898 total deaths and 833 survivors.