Over 120 cholera cases recorded in Bujumbura city

Freddy Mbonimpa, Bujumbura Mayor has said 126 cases of cholera have already been detected in Bujumbura.
“Between four and five new cases are registered per day”, he says adding that the targeted areas include Kanyosha, Buyenzi, Buterere and Cibitoke neighborhoods.

Freddy Mbonimpa: “Between four and five new cases are registered per day”.

Bujumbura Mayor says some restaurants and bars in the economic capital are in breach of hygiene regulations. “All restaurants and bars operating in markets, car parkings, beside rivers and gutters are now closed to prevent cholera from spreading,” he says.

They will only be opened if health and administrative officials give authorization, he adds.
Mr. Mbonimpa also says all movements of cooked food and water packed in plastic bags, juice… are suspended throughout Bujumbura city. “It is also forbidden to fetch dirty water from rivers and gutters irrespective of its use,” he says.

Bujumbura Mayor calls on administrative officials to follow closely the implementation of those measures in the areas they run. He also exhorts the population to call on the emergency number 113 to alert any new or suspected case. Patients will be brought to Prince Regent Charles Hospital for treatment, he concludes.

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