No more payment for extra classes, says Education Minister

“Extra classes are free in fundamental schools” a decision communicated by the minister of education in a press conference on Monday, 16 January 2017.

Pupils are chased because of non payment of extra class session fees

Pupils are chased because of non payment of extra class session fees

In the press conference held on 16 January, JanviereNdirahisha, Minister of Education said they realized that fees for those sessions are compulsory while education is free in fundamental schools. “When a pupil is chased from schools because of non-payment of extra class session fees, this means that the latter have become compulsory”, she said.

“This is unacceptable”, says Mrs. Ndirahisha”, especially when the government grants education for free”.
For the minister of Education,the money collected generates conflicts between school authorities and teachers.

In the ministerial ordinance released on Tuesday 16 January 2017, it has been decided that extra class sessions will be organized by the school management and will be free for pupils, and that no blame or punishment forany pupil who will not attend the sessions.

Parents have different opinions…

“Those sessions were not helpful for students, teachersoften use that time to complete the program or students use it to take notes”, said RenovatNdabashinze, a parent.

Those sessions were more expensive than school fees. “I pay BIF 7500 for school fees but I used to pay BIF 10,000 for only 2sessions per weekfor extra class sessions”, he said

“Yes, it is good to make those sessions free but for private schools I think they should let them charge extra money because they have their own organization. Moreover, they don’t pay the same amount for school fees”, said a parent who asked to be anonymous.

Contacted, the chairman of the teachers’union-CONAPES, Emmanuel Mashandari,said there are still extra sessions in some schools and promised to give more clarification next week.