Aurore Ishimwe


Second body found in Ngagara neighborhood in three days.

01-30-2017 In the morning of this Monday 30th January, a dead body was found in Ngagara neighborhood of Ntahangwa commune. The victim was identified as Dieudonné Nsengiyumva. “I woke up at 5:00am. When I went out of the gate I saw clothes near the fence. I approached and found it (...)

PARCEM warns against touching Arusha Peace Agreement clauses

01-26-2017 PARCEM, the local NGO aiming at awakening conscience and changing Burundians’ mentality is concerned about changes to be made in the Constitution. “We heard about the possible amendment of the Constitution. What matters most is what should or should not be changed. Article 299 of the Constitution does not (...)

Little water in dams causes insufficient electricity, REGIDESO says

01-25-2017 “We have just spent almost four days without electricity in our neighborhood especially during day time, and when it is provided, it’s just for 30minutes or one hour”, said a welder met in Bwiza neighborhood of Mukaza commune in the capital Bujumbura. The electricity shortage mostly affects vendors of (...)

Over 500 prisoners released following presidential pardon

01-24-2017 568 prisoners have been granted a presidential pardon. Their release was officially launched on 23 January in Mpimba prison by the Ministry of Justice. During the ceremony of releasing the prisoners, Aimée Laurentine Kanyana, Minister of Justice, said the presidential pardon would allow 2500 prisoners to be released and (...)

Primary school teacher accused of sexual abuse

01-20-2017 At la bergeonnette primary school in Gitega, a 59 year old teacher is accused of abusing sexually his students. Over 16 young girls were brought by their parents to a center for sexual abuse victims, Humura, for consultation. A parent reported what her child in 4th form told her (...)

Burundi Agency of Telecommunication Regulation to improve internet services

01-19-2017 “The rate of entry of internet is 8.2% in Burundi while the medium rate in East Africa is 30%”, said Déogratias Rurimunzu, Managing Director of Burundi Agency in charge of Telecommunication Regulation (ARCT). An improvement is needed. The rate of entry of internet shows that few people in the (...)

Bird flu in East Africa, Burundi on alert…

01-19-2017 Since January 02, signs of bird flu were detected in Uganda where fishermen reported “mass death of wild birds” on the shores of Lake Victoria, near Entebbe, which lies near the capital Kampala. Burundi is on alert. The director in charge of animal health in the Burundian ministry of (...)

No more payment for extra classes, says Education Minister

01-18-2017 “Extra classes are free in fundamental schools” a decision communicated by the minister of education in a press conference on Monday, 16 January 2017. In the press conference held on 16 January, JanviereNdirahisha, Minister of Education said they realized that fees for those sessions are compulsory while education is (...)

Burundi soon withdrawing its troops from Somalia…

01-16-2017 The deputy head of the civilian cabinet to the president wrote a letter on January 10 to the minister of foreign affairs emphasizing the imminent withdrawal and immediate return of Burundian troops engaged in peace keeping mission in Somalia. According to Dr Sabine Ntakarutimana, Deputy Head of the civilian (...)

Burundi’s 2017 budget hitting consumers as government raises cost of fuel, and now bus fares

01-13-2017 The ministries of commerce and transport increased fares on public transport in Bujumbura on Thursday 12th January, due to the rising cost of fuel. Fares will rise from BIF 300 to BIF 350 in Bujumbura, and by 11% in the rest of the country. The rise in the cost (...)