Nine people arrested during police search operation in Rumonge

Nine people were arrested during search operation conducted by the police on 4 April morning in Musave neighborhood, Mibanza locality, Kizuka zone, Rumonge comune of Rumonge province in south of Burundi.

Rumonge chief-town

Five of the detainees are accused of manufacturing and selling illegal alcohol drinks while four others are members of the opposition political party National Congress for Liberty (CNL), according to Rumonge people. They are currently detained in the police station of Rumonge.

Police sources indicate that the four members of CNL were questioned by the head of the National Intelligence Service (SNR) in Rumonge.

The police also seized six unregistered motorcycles as well as materials used for manufacturing illegal alcohol drink ‘Kanyanga’ and Rutuku such as six tanks, four 20-liter cans and seven 5-liter cans. More than1400 liters of banned drinks were also spilled.

Juvenal Bigirimana, governor of Rumonge province indicates that the four people claiming to be CNL members have been prosecuted for possessing unregistered motorcycles. He calls on people not to mention political motives when someone is prosecuted for committing a crime.

He believes no one is above the law. “Anyone who violates the law must be punished without considering their political affiliation,” says Bigirimana. He considers that the four people prosecuted in the case of unregistered motorcycles claim to be CNL members to make people believe that they are victims of their political opinion.