Teaching staff required to wear wrapper on World Labor Day

04-12-2019 Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education urges all civil servants from her institution to prepare for the World Labor Day celebrated on 1 May. In a note issued on 11 April, Minister Ndirahisha says each civil servant must contribute an amount of BIF 18,500 to buy a wrapper that they (...)

Minister of Education warns pupils with tattoos

04-09-2019 In an announcement made public this 7 April 2019, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education reminds pupils, teachers and parents that pupils in primary and secondary schools have no right to have tattoos or put on things that may change their look. “Pupils with tattoos have no places in Burundian (...)

Measure forbidding girls from going out after 6 pm being extended

03-29-2019 The administrator of Nyabiraba commune of Bujumbura Province issued on March 25 a statement forbidding girls from going out after six pm. Defenders of girls’ rights protest this decision saying it’s ‘discriminatory’. “Girls are not allowed to appear on the streets after 6 pm,” reads the statement issued on (...)

Three universities and seven institutes temporarily suspended

01-11-2019 The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research released a ministerial ordinance prohibiting the registration of new students for the 2018-2019 academic year in three private universities and seven higher institutes. Gilbert Bécaud Njangwa, representative of one of the institutes suspended, says he is surprised by the decision made (...)

Buterere Technical School legal representative arrested over education ministry accusations

12-28-2018 The legal representative of Buterere Technical School was arrested this December 25, 2018. The ministry of education accuses him of disappearing with the students’ files. Edouard Juma, spokesman for the ministry of education says Buterere Technical School legal representative disappeared during the investigation into the cheating case that occurred (...)

Education ministry worried about high school dropouts

12-26-2018 Over 280.600 cases of dropouts are recorded at the national level during the 2017-2018 school year. The ministry of education is concerned about the phenomenon. Juma Edouard, spokesperson for the ministry of education, says the ministry has run a campaign to sensitize people to two phenomena that threaten the (...)

Education ministry warns about illicit success in post basic schools

12-20-2018 In a press briefing held this Wednesday 19 December 2018, the spokesperson for the ministry of education has said students who have not passed the national test allowing them to go on with the post basic education should stop where they are and register in vocational schools as required (...)

Cases of school dropout alarming among Muslims girls

12-19-2018 In a study conducted by the Alliance of Imams of the Northern Corridor for Humanitarian Development-AICNDH, Muslim girls are reported to drop out of school. Amina Léonie Baramfataniye, is a member of AICNDH and one among those who facilitated the inquiry in three provinces where there are more Muslim (...)

Education Minister rewards first ten laureates of National Test, 2018 edition

11-17-2018 Among the ten-grade-nine laureates of the National Test, 2018 edition, who have been rewarded, seven are from “Lycée Saint Esprit”, one from “Lycée SOS”, one from Ngagara “Lycée of excellence” and the other one from “Lycée Makamba”. Each winner was given a lap-top Gianna Gateka Niyongabo from Lycée saint (...)

Karurama I Basic School in Cibitoke faces large number of students

10-24-2018 Parents of students at Karurama I Basic School in Rugombo Commune of Cibitoke north-western province of Burundi denounce the large number of students in one class. At 9 a.m., pupils of grade 1 at Karurama Fundamental School are studying. The teacher struggles to teach the lesson prepared for the (...)