Minister of Education warns pupils with tattoos

In an announcement made public this 7 April 2019, Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education reminds pupils, teachers and parents that pupils in primary and secondary schools have no right to have tattoos or put on things that may change their look.

“Pupils with tattoos have no places in Burundian schools either in private or public schools,” reads the announcement.

Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education

The minister of education, says school regulations signed on 07July 2017 have to be followed for good education and dignity in schools. “In Article 28, chapter 7, it is said that pupils are not allowed to change their look by having tattoos, wearing make-up or changing their skin colour. Otherwise, it is well said that the pupil will be punished”.

Mrs. Ndirahisha says this is a reminder to all parents and teachers to take their responsibility as having tattoos has become a dirty habit in schools.

Ferdinand Simbaruhije, Secretary General of the federation of associations defending the children’s rights-FENADEB, says this is a good reminder but asks educators not to take hasty decisions towards pupils. “The punishment should be the last choice. There is a need for sensitization to what is forbidden in schools. Most of them do it by ignorance”.

Mr. Simbaruhije asks teachers and parents to be responsible and more involved in children’s education. “The things that are forbidden to children may have negative effects on their health. Parents and teachers have to talk to them and make them aware of that”.

In August 2017, the Minister of Education decided that all pupils from public and private schools will no longer have relaxed hair, wear no make-up and earrings.