Teaching staff required to wear wrapper on World Labor Day

Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education urges all civil servants from her institution to prepare for the World Labor Day celebrated on 1 May. In a note issued on 11 April, Minister Ndirahisha says each civil servant must contribute an amount of BIF 18,500 to buy a wrapper that they will wear on the occasion. All heads of departments will collect the money and transfer it to the cabinet before 17 April. “It is an obligation to wear this uniform,” she says.

Teaching staff against the decision to wear a wrapper on World Labor Day

Emmanuel Mashandari, chairman of the teachers’ union-CONAPES says the decision raises some concerns although it’s not bad. He says some heads of teaching staff at the community level ask for a different amount of the money. “Some pay BIF 18,000 while others pay BIF18, 500”, he says adding that the uniform isn’t similar for all civil servants.

Mashandari exhorts the ministry to choose another kind of uniform which can be used for many years. “We cannot use the kind of wrapper proposed to us many times as it fades quickly,” he says.
For him, civil servants from the ministry of education are not against the measure but their views should be considered before any decision concerning them would be implemented. “We need to wear a good quality uniform regardless of the cost,” he says.