Education Minister rewards first ten laureates of National Test, 2018 edition

Among the ten-grade-nine laureates of the National Test, 2018 edition, who have been rewarded, seven are from “Lycée Saint Esprit”, one from “Lycée SOS”, one from Ngagara “Lycée of excellence” and the other one from “Lycée Makamba”. Each winner was given a lap-top

Education Minister gives prizes to the winners

Education Minister gives prizes to the winners

Gianna Gateka Niyongabo from Lycée saint Esprit comes at the top with 192.5 marks out of 200. Ardy Jordy Himbarwa from the same school came second with 189.5 marks. Dany Averrin Nininahazwe, from Ngagara “Lycée of Excellence” was the third with 188.5 marks. The tenth student who was rewarded got 183.5 marks.

Janvière Ndirahisha, Minister of Education says the ministry has decided to grant those prizes to encourage students to devote their time to studies and activities that contribute to moral and intellectual development.

The Education Minister has also said the National Test has a dual purpose to guide the laureates towards the post-basic school and to assess their level of acquisition at the national level.
Fernand Nirema, laureate of grade nine and one of the winners, says the computer will help him carry out research and increase his knowledge.