Transport: Motorcycles, tricycles to operate in Mukaza central areas

Freddy Mbonimpa, Bujumbura Mayor has authorized motorcycles, bicycles and tricycles also known as “Tuk-Tuk” to cross Ntahangwa Bridge and enter Mukaza commune in Bujumbura city from May 4. He said motorcycles and bicycles are allowed to transport passengers up to 6:00 p.m. while “Tuk-Tuk” will close their activities at 9:00 p.m.

Motorcycles, tricycles and bicycles are allowed to enter Mukaza commune

N.I, a driver of a “Tuk-Tuk” met in Mukaza commune appreciates the decision. “We believe that the decision will extend even after the elections,” he says. As for Ndikumana, a motorcycle driver, the decision will allow them to get more revenues.

Charles Ntirampeba, Secretary of Burundi Association of Transport Operators –ATRABU says the decision allows drivers of those transport devices to cross the bridge and arrive in some localities of Mukaza commune. “They aren’t authorized to operate downtown. They will operate in Nyakabiga, Bwiza, Buyenzi, Jabe and Industrial Quarter”, says Ntirampeba adding that operating downtown would cause more accidents and heavy traffic jams.

Ntirampeba believes that the decision isn’t motivated by the upcoming elections. “We pleaded for the review of this decision many months ago,” he says. Ntirampeba appeals to the drivers of those transport devices to respect the working hours and continue to consolidate peace and security in their respective areas. “The decision was taken for security reasons in 2015.
Grenades were thrown by unknown people using those means of transport,” he says adding that the users of those means of transport must identify the perpetrators.