OBR to impose sanctions on delaying rental taxpayers

Joseph Ndayizeye, Head of the department of rental income tax management at Burundi Revenue Authority- OBR says his institution has collected BIF over BIF 6,7 billion in the first quarter of 2020 fiscal year. “We have just received the declarations of 6039 people from January to March 31,” says Ndayizeye.

Joseph Ndayizeye: “We expect to conduct an inquiry to investigate all rented houses”

In 2019, OBR collected over BIF 5, 7 billion from 9217 people throughout the country. “We registered an increase of 14% compared to last year,” he says. He, however, says the number of taxpayers decreased due to different motives. “Some houses weren’t rented while others were sold,” he says adding that other taxpayers declared zero rental tax. According to a rental tax code, a taxpayer pays a rental tax when a house is rented over BIF 150, 000.

Joseph Ndayizeye, however, calls on people who delayed paying their rental taxes to do it as soon as possible. “We expect to conduct an inquiry to investigate all rented houses,” he says. Otherwise, he adds that sanctions will be imposed on delaying rental taxpayers.