No robbery committed in Kazoza Microfinance, says Management

The management of Kazoza Microfinance based in Bujumbura City denies the rumors spread on social media on June 1 about the robbery of BIF 800 million from this financial institution.
“Kazoza Microfinance wasn’t robbed,” says Aimé Sinaniranye, Director General of Kazoza Microfinance in a news conference held this June 3.

Kazoza Finance Institution

He says there is only an employee who tricked some customers. “She asked them to give her a sum that she was going to use to make her own profits,” says Nadine Dukundane, Officer in charge of Administrative and Financial Affairs in Kazoza Microfinance institution.

“She convinced the microfinance institution customers to lend her, for instance, BIF 25 million, promising to reimburse them BIF 33 million within two weeks,” explains Dukundane adding that the employee also provided the payment slip with the stamp of Kazoza Microfinance to gain more confidence.

Ms. Dukundane says the suspected employee has been arrested. “The police and judicial officials are conducting investigations. We are waiting for its results to know exactly who are involved in this robbery,” she says, adding that the clients’ funds are safe.

Louise Nijimbere, the suspected employee, had been working for Kazoza Finance branch located in Kamenge neighborhood, in the north of Bujumbura City for three years.

According to Nadine Dukundane, Ms. Nijimbere was unmasked following the internal investigation conducted into the institution. She calls on the institution customers to always use transparent rules for loans and investments.