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Swearing-in ceremonies Surprise nominations

06-29-2020 The opposition castigates and questions the “rushed” nomination and approval of the Prime Minister and the Vice-president by the Parliament and Senate. The President of the National Assembly says everything was legal. There are two distinct positions. The National Assembly approved in a secret vote, this Tuesday, June 23, (...)

Burundi President dead due to heart attack

06-09-2020 Prosper Ntahorwamiye, Spokesman for the Burundian government says President Pierre Nkurunziza died at “Natwe Turashoboye” Hospital in Karusi Province in the afternoon of June 8. In a statement issued this June 9, Prosper Ntahorwamiye says President Nkurunziza felt discomfort in the night of June 6 and quickly went to (...)

Constitutional Court gives its ruling on previous elections

06-07-2020 The CNL party had lodged a complaint at the Constitutional Court, denouncing several irregularities which were reported during the previous triple ballot. The Court has rendered its irrevocable decision, ending the suspense and the sometimes heated comments on social media. The Constitutional Court declared Evariste Ndayishimiye as president of (...)

Press release – MP threatens to kill Iwacu journalists

03-30-2020 This Sunday, Iwacu Press Group was dismayed to hear remarks threatening some of its journalists. The threats, which Iwacu newspaper has evidence of and which will be provided to the relevant authorities, were spoken by a Member of Parliament elected in the Constituency of Cankuzo. MP Anglebert Ngendabanka threatens (...)

Political parties and independent candidates align on ballot paper

02-19-2020 At least seventeen political parties, one coalition and nine independent candidates for this year’s elections have participated in the draw for the serial numbers of the badges to be put on the ballot paper for the 2020 elections this February 18. Pierre Claver Kazihise, Chairman of the National Independent (...)

Iwacu reporters sentenced to thirty months’ imprisonment

01-30-2020 Bubanza High Court has just sentenced Iwacu reporters to two years and six months’ imprisonment and each of them fined BIF one million. Adolphe Masabarakiza, their driver has been acquitted. Their accusations would have been changed. They would have been accused of an “impossible attempt of complicity in undermining (...)

Residents of Mabayi gripped by fear

11-23-2019 The presence of heavily armed Rwandan soldiers at the border is causing fear among the population of the neighboring area with Rwanda. The administration reassures and calls on the population to identify any new people in the area. The inhabitants of Ruhororo, Miremera, Gitukura localities of Ruhororo area and (...)

Kahawatu innovates and extends its actions

11-22-2019 In order to increase coffee production in quantity and quality, Kahawatu launched on Thursday, 7 November 2019, the activities of the Burundi Coffee Alliance (BCA) project in the area where Green Coffee (Greenco) operates. “The project aims at increasing the production of coffee in terms of quantity and quality, (...)

No complaint received about Rugerinyange disappearance, say Police

10-04-2019 Jean Marie Rugerinyange, Senior official in the Ministry of Culture and Sports has been missing since September 30th. According to his relatives, he was last seen at his home located Kinanira IV neighborhood in Muha urban commune, in the south of Bujumbura City in the night of September 30th. (...)

Ministry of Trade deplores increase in price of cement

09-11-2019 At a press conference held this September 10th, the Minister of Trade, Industry and Tourism has denounced a considerable increase in price of cement made by Burundi Cement Company-BUCECO since the past few days. Jean Marie Niyokindi, Burundi Minister of Trade has said a cement bag which should be (...)