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Press release – MP threatens to kill Iwacu journalists

This Sunday, Iwacu Press Group was dismayed to hear remarks threatening some of its journalists.

The threats, which Iwacu newspaper has evidence of and which will be provided to the relevant authorities, were spoken by a Member of Parliament elected in the Constituency of Cankuzo.

MP Anglebert Ngendabanka threatens to physically eliminate (“crush the head” in his own words) the journalists.

The MP did not appreciate the fact that he was quoted in an article published by Iwacu on the escalation of political intolerance between activists from two political parties.

However, Iwacu, always true to the professional code of ethics and the principle of balanced information, gave the floor to this MP who reacted to the accusations levelled against him.

Therefore, Iwacu Press Group is surprised to hear death threats from this parliamentarian who should, on the contrary, defend and encourage journalists and freedom of expression.

In the meantime, Iwacu Press Group will refer the case of this elected representative of the people to His Excellency, the President of the National Assembly.

The newspaper demands that these threats against journalists cease and that MP Anglebert Ngendabanka be held accountable for any attack on the physical integrity of the journalists named in his threats.

Iwacu Press Group Management