National electoral commission releases voters’ provisional lists

The provisional lists of registered voters are posted in different registration centers since April 3.
At some registration centers in Bujumbura city where Iwacu passed, there were some irregularities, worries, complaints, etc.

People searching for their names on the provisional lists at Lycée communal Musaga

People searching for their names on the provisional lists at Lycée communal Musaga

At a registration center located at Musaga Communal Lycée, a number of people were searching for their names on the lists. After a couple of minutes, some found their names and others didn’t. Those who could not find their names on the lists asked the posting agent for help.

For those who have found irregularities, they worry about the situation. “I have found that the ID number was not mentioned. The posting agent registered me again and gave me another registration paper.

I fear that they may forbid me to vote as I registered later than others,” said a young man met at Musaga communal lycée in the Southern part of the capital Bujumbura.

Other voters were struggling to see their names on the lists as there were so many papers that they had to read through. “It is not easy to go through all these papers searching for your name. I wonder how illiterate people will make it as the electoral commission deployed only one agent,” says Bertrand, met at Musaga communal Lycée.

At another registration center located at “Centre Scolaire de Kanyosha”, provisional lists are posted as well but no people come for verification. The agent in charge of posting lists is there waiting for anyone who might turn up.

At Lycée Kanyosha in Kinanira II, the posting agent looked exceptionally busy as there were lots of people with different irregularity cases. Some people could not find their names and were asking for help. Two young men without CENI identification badges were helping them.

At Lycée municipal Rohero, a posting agent was sitting alone, near the lists, seemingly waiting for someone to show up.

Prosper Ntahorwamiye, spokesperson for the National Independent Electoral Commission reassures people saying the lists are just provisional. “People should not worry. All these irregularities are being recorded so as to make definitive lists,” he says.

Ntahorwamiye calls on all people to go and verify if they are correctly registered to avoid any inconvenience in the election process.

Voters have only four days for verification. Provisional lists were released since April 3 and the deadline for verification is due on April 6 at 5:30 PM.