Jeremie Misago


Burundi Red Cross: “Uncontrolled urbanization only leads to disaster”

05-09-2019 Burundi Red Cross challenges the Burundian public opinion to understand that not all parks are to be built in. “Uncontrolled urbanization only leads to disasters as we see it today in the city of Bujumbura and elsewhere,” said Anselme Katiyunguruza, Executive secretary of Burundi Red Cross at a press (...)

Month of Ramadan: Burundian politicians called for tolerance

05-07-2019 The Burundi Muslim Community (COMIBU) calls for political tolerance for the 2020 elections to be free, peaceful, transparent and inclusive. “Politicians should avoid acts that undermine the physical integrity of human beings. They must also make remarks that strengthen social cohesion,” said Cheikh Sadiki Kajandi Abdallah, the representative of (...)