Mindset as one of challenges health sector in Burundi is faced with

The health sector faces a variety of challenges among which, Burundians’ mentality. Sahabo Christophe, Kira Hospital representative, says health should be a priority. “Most of Burundians do not value health until they are seriously sick”. He said that during the celebration of the third edition of Kira Medical Awareness Day on 16 February, 2018.

Christophe Sahabo: “Burundians have to change their mentality and join medical insurance companies”.

Christophe Sahabo: “Burundians have to change their mentality and join medical insurance companies”.

This year, the main focus was put on surgical/medical emergency. Sahabo says Kira hospital tries to help patients in need of medical emergency but regrets the fact that most Burundians do not have health insurance cards. “No patient can die in front of our hospital. We do first aid and then transfer them to public hospitals. It is our duty to cure patients; but ultimate responsibility to protect them rests with the government. They should have health insurance cards,” he has said.

He demands the government to ensure all Burundians have a health insurance card. “Every Burundian ought to have a functional insurance card. If we have to contribute or there has to be additional tax, Burundians’ health should be a main concern,” he has said.

He also calls for change of mentality. “Burundians have a bad habit of being happy with what is free. They should work hard for their health and join insurance companies”.

Isaac Minani, the Director General of health services and the fight against AIDS in the ministry of health says there is a law that obliges hospitals to host all the patient victims of accidents in public places, without asking them for money within 48hours. However he deplores the fact that those people don’t pay back those hospitals “which need that money to keep on functioning”.

He says there is plan to initiate emergency fund to assist victims of accidents in public places.
Kira Medical awareness day is celebrated every year since Kira hospital started operating in 2015.

Medical experts from all around the world and other health professionals meet to discuss different health-related challenges and how they should be overcome so as to improve the health sector.